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If you are new to the world of sugardaddy websites and sugar relationships, browsing through sugar daddy profiles can leave you wide eyed at the array that seem to be available. Any sugarbaby can be left wondering what to expect when meeting a potential sugar daddy after seeing his profile.

The first thing to understand is that every sugardaddy is different, just like you are not like every other sugar baby out there. Every sugar relationship is different and just like in traditional relationships some people can be more suited for your style and personality than others. Here are some ways to know more about a sugar daddy from their profile description and photographs.

The ABS guy

When browsing sugardaddy websites, if your potential sugardaddy has a picture of his abs as a profile picture it means that he is most likely in good shape. It also means that he is not very comfortable about revealing his face and that discretion is very important in this relationship. It is also likely that this type of daddy would prefer to email you rather than call or text and would work out a payment arrangement on a per-meeting basis at first.

The married guy

If your potential sugardaddy has listed himself as a married person he could be an interesting person. He is clearly not very worried that sugar babies could be turned off by his relationship status and is rather open about this. A married sugardaddy is looking for some excitement in his life and is not seeking to replace his wife. It is even possible that he is not looking for a physical relationship but only an emotional one. The married guy is most likely to take you out for dinner on the first date and actually be interested in what you have to say.

The guy without a profile picture

Just because a potential sugardaddy does not have a profile picture does not mean he is not real. He probably doesn’t want to share his picture on sugardaddy websites. If a person without a profile picture want you meet you, it would be wise to ask for a picture. However, if he doesn’t agree to send a photo but otherwise seems nice and you connect with him then agree to meet him only at a public place. There is no reason to not meet a guy without a profile photo as long as your gut isn’t telling you something is off about the guy.

The Nerd

There is something about a rich dorky guy that gets sugar babies rolling in joy. The nerd is most likely to treat you well and be generous with his money. He is also likely to appreciate you a lot more than some of the others.

The serious relationship guy

While it may seem like all sugardaddies are looking for flings without any meaning the truth couldn’t be further away from that. There are some potential sugardaddies that are looking for a partner for life. They don’t mind using the confines of a mutually beneficial relationship to find someone who they can spend their life with. They don’t want to look in the usual dating pool and have turned to sugardaddy websites to look for someone whose looks and physical attributes are not what he could get from a traditional relationship. Enter into a relationship with him only if you are in it for the long haul.

The older guy

Sugardaddies are by definition the older guy. But what if he is a lot older than you are? According to some stats, the average age of men on sugardaddy websites has dropped to 39 years. Know what to expect and react accordingly. If you aren’t comfortable being in a sugar relationship with someone as old as your grandpa then you could stay away but remember that age is only a number. Don’t let his age scare you away, with age comes wisdom and also with age comes monetary benefits and generosity.

The business guy

Most of the sugardaddies around are the ‘business guy’. His life is fast paced and he is neither looking for a serious relationship nor just meaningless physical intimacy. He usually seeks out someone who is beautiful and young but also sophisticated enough to accompany him as a date at formal engagements. He is likely to value your time since he understands the importance of it.

We hope your hunt for the perfect sugardaddy has some sweet results.

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