How to Avoid Getting Ghosting by Your Sugarbaby




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Ghosting is seen in regular relationships and has even made its way into business relationships. However it is becoming common in the world of sugar relationships and can be rather annoying when a sugar daddy has to deal with his sugar baby disappearing all of a sudden.

Ghosting refers to the practice of ending a relationship with someone suddenly and without explanation; it also includes withdrawing from all communication with the person.

It can be both annoying and demeaning when a person decides to ‘ghost’ from your life, especially if it is someone for whom you have grown to care and have enjoy spending time with. Here are some reasons that send sugar babies into ghost-mode.

Being Too Aggressive

Coming off as too aggressive can make some sugar babies run like the mountain is on fire. Being polite and kind is very important and too much of anything that can make her uncomfortable is a big no-no. Being too bossy or dominating can also be a big turn off while needing her attention constantly after having just established contact with her can be deemed as too clingy. Don’t be vulgar or rude, don’t treat her like property.

She Doesn’t Want to Tell You How She Actually Feels

Sometimes a sugar baby might not want to tell you what she really feels about the relationship or about you if it is not a favourable opinion. She might choose to ghost instead. If she is genuinely upset about something, asking her politely should be able to get the job done. But if she is ignoring you even after you have tried finding out what is going wrong, then know that you must move right along.

There Is Someone Else in the Picture

Sometimes sugar babies date multiple people at once, if she is enjoying her time with someone else better, or they are more up to her liking then she may decide to go ‘ghost’ on you rather than tell you the truth.

Commitment Phobia Ghosting

If she ghosts when things start to get serious then it could be commitment phobia. Maybe she is not ready to commit all the time and effort that your mutually beneficial arrangement needs and needs an ‘out’ without having to explain anything to you.

Just Didn’t Click With You

You are most likely a great guy but just not her type. Attraction is very important is just about any sugar relationship and if she wants to back off after meeting you a couple of times, then take it lightly and expand your search.

The best way to deal with ghosting is to follow the three message rule. If you have tried calling her, texting or emailing her 3 times or after one week, then understand that she is ignoring you and move on with dignity.

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