Art of Negotiating: How to Get What You Want From Your Sugar Daddy




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It can be difficult to ask your significant other for things or money in any relationship, being in a sugardaddy and sugarbaby relationship does not mean it’s easier. Just like regular couples sugar couples too need to deal with situations and negotiating issues in their relationship. While the common notion that sugar babies are pampered and get what they want, is true most of the time, it can be difficult for a sugar baby to ask for something especially if it is money or something of sentimental value. Here are some tips on how to ask a sugar daddy for things you want.

Time your request well

Knowing when to ask is very important and is an important part of a negotiation. Approach the topic when the timing is right and bring up the request in an easy and appropriate conversation to help your sugar daddy understand your requirements better. Analyse whether your request is practical for the stage your relationship is in. While some requests may seem extravagant right at the beginning, it is practical to discuss the kind of mutually beneficial arrangement you are expecting. Be open and clear about the amount of time you are willing to spend on the relationship. Be clear and honest about the commitment you are bringing-to and seek-from the relationship. It can also be easier to talk about monetary and gift expectations over messages or emails rather than in person. Stay away from sensitive topics till you have established a level of trust with each other.

When Negotiating, Kindness goes a long way

How you approach the topic can actually set the tone of the discussion. Don’t demand for gifts or money in a rude manner. Always ask when your sugar daddy is comfortable and in a kind way. Use simple language when you are asking for something, don’t over-complicate and leave him guessing about what you mean. ‘Can you consider an increase in my allowance’ can be a lot easier for him to think about than ‘I won’t come back if you won’t increase my allowance’.

Be clear about your needs

Being honest and real is very important in any relationship and it is the same in sugar relationships too. When negotiating, be clear and direct about what you require. Try to explain why you need the money or item. If you need help with tuition tell him that you are working hard at school, or if it is a pampering day at the spa you need then explain that you need to be relaxed and groomed so that you can be at your best for him. Be flexible if he can’t fulfill your demands immediately but offers a good alternative.

Be appreciative

Being grateful for the monetary and other benefit he provides is very important. Don’t have an attitude of entitlement. Always be generous with your complements and tell him you appreciate the help and gifts. Always thank him when he buys you something and write thank you notes for bigger gifts. You could even consider buying or making him a small gift yourself so he feels appreciated. Like every other relationship it is very important to work on the relationship for it to be a successful one. Try to be happy and be a positive person, no one likes a naysayer.

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