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Communication is a key factor in just about any relationship. In sugar relationships too it is important to maintain good communication with your potential or current sugar daddy. By being considerate and kind you can make your sugar daddy understand that you are working towards making this relationship better.

Here are some important things to remember when communicating with your sugar daddy either over the internet, on the phone or when you meet him:

Be honest and upfront

Honesty is always the best policy. Just like you can’t read your sugar daddy’s mind he can’t read yours either. Be open and clear about your requirements. For example, if you prefer a cash allowance instead of gifts, let him know instead of hoping he will eventually realize. Similarly, if you want a gift that is extra, explain why you are requesting for it and what you hope to gain from it. Don’t come across as greedy and entitled and always be polite and grateful.

If you don’t want gifts but would prefer cash instead, telling him so can make him understand why you aren’t too keen on being lavished with shopping trips. Sugar daddies are likely to be more generous if they realize you are grateful for not just the benefits they provide but their presence too.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Remember that your sugar daddy doesn’t know much about your life or your past so it can be easy for them to assume something about you. Don’t panic or think they are judging you, similarly don’t divulge any personal details which you aren’t comfortable sharing. If your sugar daddy demands discretion, provide it and don’t ask any probing or uncomfortable questions just like you wouldn’t like to be asked any.

A sugar daddy is a lot older than you so may have a different perspective when it comes to viewing the world. Understand that you needn’t agree on everything, sometimes you can agree to disagree on certain matters and yet remain in a comfortable relationship. Don’t bring up topics like politics or any other sensitive subjects unnecessarily.

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Don’t be a sympathy seeker

No one likes a sympathy seeker. Similarly, no one likes an attention seeker either so ensure you aren’t either. Your sugar daddy may act like he is upset with your sob story but all he really wants is to spend some happy times with you so it is better in the long run if you give him more happy memories than sad ones.

Don’t come off as a desperate girl or something with lots of issues, no one wants to deal with that. Most people have their own issues and want to stay away from adding on any more to theirs. Be as real as possible, don’t be fake in your emotions since is easy to understand whether a person is being genuine.

Power of Positive personality

Be the kind of person you would want to spend time with. Exude confidence and maintain a positive attitude towards life. Sometimes your sugar daddy may have a bad day, try to comfort him and cheer him up as much as you can. Similarly don’t project your problems onto him but rather talk about how your life has gotten better after he arrived in it.

Enjoy yourself

The best way for your sugar daddy to enjoy the time spent with you is if you enjoy it yourself. Not only will your happiness radiate and keep you in a warm glow, your sugar daddy too will relax and becoming more comfortable around you. Bring your best aspects to the table and utilize your strengths. Remember that everyone has weaknesses and it is possible to get rid of them if you try.

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