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A new relationship can mean a lot of new questions and some new answers, new expectations on the table and sometimes disappointments. While having expectations is not wrong in any way, it is important that the both the people in the relationship are aware of them. Having sky-high expectations can actually lead to the downfall of a good relationship.

As you develop your sugar relationship, here are some tips to help you deal with expectations.


Be clear and open about your expectations. Bring up any special requests upfront so you are not disappointed later. Don’t forget that you are not the only person in the relationship with expectations. Listen-Listen-Listen, The more attention you pay each other, the happier you are bound to be.


Neither one of you should expect the other person to change everything about themselves to suit your needs. Be realistic but also be practical. Compromise is essential for a great relationship; make sure it is not just one person doing the compromising but both working together. It could be entirely possible that sugar babies sometimes love a little drama, resolve any conflicts together and remember to be grateful for each other.


Honesty is always the best policy. Be as honest as you can, if you are not comfortable talking about certain aspects in your life be honest about that too. Remember the relationship should be beneficial to both of you. If you are not interested in the arrangement anymore or if you don’t find it fun then be honest and talk to the person about it without being rude. No one can read minds; just tell the other person what you feel. Being honest is usually the best way to get out of sticky situations if either of you get in any.


Respect should be the first thing you give. It is the most important thing between sugar partners. A sugar baby and sugar baby should be comfortable with the respect they receive from their sugar partner and speak up if they feel they are being disrespected. Respect your partner’s feelings and thoughts. Even when you don’t agree with something they say, remember that they are entitled to their opinion just as you are to yours.

Be Kind

Being kind is absolutely important to remain sweet and have some sugar fun. Decide to be kind and see the difference for yourself. Being kind is in both of your interests, so always be a little more kinder than necessary.

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