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Sugar dating much like regular dating can come with many challenges, but the online world of sugar dating is not the only place you should be looking.

Some of the challenges can be finding the perfect person for your first date, or thinking you have found the perfect potential sugar daddy only to meet them and realize they are nothing like they said they were. The online world of sugar dating is not the only place you should be looking, sometimes you should be ready to step outside of your comfort zone and look for a suitable sugar daddy in the real world.

What places should you avoid?

It is always best to know the places you should avoid when scouting for a potential sugar daddy. Going to packed bars on a busy night is not a good idea as people are more likely to be nervous around a large group of people and a busy ambiance. Avoid places which are extremely crowded instead opting for more high end and upscale bars and restaurants which have a more intimate setting.

The best spots

Bars that are intimate with low lighting can be the best place to meet potential sugar daddies. The people are more likely to feel confident and you can step up to talk to a new person all the while being in a safe and secure public place. Potential sugar daddies are also more likely to approach you as they realize you are alone and would likely want to communicate.

Shop around for the best places

Visit different bars in your city at different times of the day to get a feel of the people who hang out there. While sugar daddies are more likely to prefer upscale bars some could even enjoy the comforts of a sports bar or a leisure café. Soon you will know the places that are the best to find an eligible and wealthy sugar daddy.

Charity Events.

Sugar daddies are usually associated with charities and attend various charity balls and parties in a month. Attending these events can be a good way to spot potential sugar daddies and making contact with them. Getting into these events is not as hard as it may seem. Make friends with people on the board and offer to buy tickets or take the easy route and buy tickets online. However many sugar daddies attend these events with a date so it can be difficult to find a few wealthy men who are looking for a date after they arrive.

Other places to find a sugar-daddy to keep in mind are:

At a Bar (yes, we know it’s a cliche)

While meeting a potential sugar daddy at a bar may seem like an easy route to go, it really isn’t. You will have to spend some time and be ready to work towards your goal. Dress up, because looking like a million bucks always works out in your favour. Wear suitable makeup and jewelry and look like someone who made an effort but dint go overboard.

Look out for older men who seem to have a lavish lifestyle and classy clothes. Stay away from salt daddies who want to spend time with you but won’t even send you a drink. Remember that the more a potential sugar daddy drinks, the lower his inhibitions will be.

At the Gym or out Running

One of the rules of the sugar life is to always dress well, you don’t know when you will run into a potential sugar daddy. Wear cute gym clothes when you head to the gym and a nice lip-gloss and some mascara. Don’t go overboard with the make-up since you are going to working out and while you are scouting for a sugar partner it is still a gym. Similarly you can look out for sugar daddies on your morning run and use your charm to get a date for later in the day.

At other places: the Mall, or the Museum

After you learn how to spot a potential sugar daddy, you can use some excuse to chat up with him. Asking for directions or help getting somewhere can make a potential sugar daddy want to extend their help out to you. Men loving playing the part of prince charming or the hero who saved the girl so you can make them feel great by thanking them and being very grateful for their help and time. Being flirtatious and sweet can generally work out when you are looking for a date. You could even suggest thank your potential sugar partner by buying him coffee or meeting for a drink later in the day if he seems a bit hesitant to make the first move.

Don’t just stick to using your online sugar baby dating profile and the pool of sugar daddies the site offers, head out and make the best of your time while finding the perfect sugar daddy.

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