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Getting your Seeking Arrangement profile approved is pretty easy as long as you follow the guidelines. Here are some tips to make sure yours gets approved quickly.

If you’ve followed the tips on creating a Seeking Arrangement profile, approval should take less than 24 hours, but sometimes 48 hours if there is a high volume of new members. Creating a sugar profile involves answering some basic questions and typing out some of your preferences. It can be easy and fun to create a profile on a sugar dating website.

Today, we have for you the best ways to get your profile approved faster:

Have a Complete Profile

Approval of profiles is based on many factors, and a profile that is complete is one of them. It is easy to know whether your profile is complete or not. Enter the details you require to have a fully finished profile before you click submit. Ensure your profile completeness level is 100 per cent. Here are some tips for putting in your SeekingArrangement profile and some tips for Seeking Arrangement username ideas.

Make sure you read the rules for profiles. Most of the rules are pretty straightforward. Things that will probably get you un-approved or suspended include:

  • Using sexually explicit language, asking for money upfront or as an escort
  • Using our site to promote, solicit, or engage in prostitution, or another business
  • Selling pictures, videos or cam sessions
  • Having multiple active accounts
  • Being under the age of 18
  • Soliciting passwords, bank information or other personally identifying information

Most of the time, it can take a whole day for your profile to be approved, and for those 24 hours, you can’t use your profile to communicate with people on the website but can browse through other members’ profiles. To get your profile approved before the 24-hour deadline the website needs, you can try these methods.

Activate Your Email

After you create your profile, an email is usually sent to your email address. To get your Seeking Arrangement profile approved, you need to validate your email so that Seeking Arrangement knows you’ve provided a real address. They will use this to let you know if our profile has been viewed or you’ve received a message (these can be changed in your settings), so if, for some reason, you’re using an email address other people have access to, be aware of this. If you don’t get one, remember that sometimes, with new sites, emails might end up in the spam folder, so check there. We recommend you don’t use a disposable email. Instead, Tip: Did you know Gmail can be used for several addresses? If your real Gmail account is “”, mail sent to a variation of that address, e.g. “” or “”, will all end up in your real account. This is handy if you need to provide a new address but don’t want to set up a new account each time. This is handy if you decide to permanently delete your Seeking Arrangement account (which means the email address can’t be used again) but then decide to re-activate it without creating a new email account remember.

To Get Your Seeking Arrangement Profile Approved Quickly Buy a Premium Membership

Buying a premium membership is a great way to get your Seeking Arrangement profile approved much faster. It is beneficial in other ways, too, as a sugar daddy with a premium membership is considered a ‘serious’ user and is more likely to get messages from potential sugar babies. Premium members usually don’t have to wait for approval before contacting other users of the website.

The sugar life is one you have had fantasies about, so you are ready to enter the sugar bowl and find the right site for your location. What should you do next? After you get your profile approved, set out to work by contacting the people you had previously spotted or searching for your preferences and sending them sweet messages.

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