How Long Do Sugar Relationships Last?




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Like any relationship, the length of a sugar relationship will vary, but how long sugar relationships last seems to depend on the kind of arrangement. Overall, the average length seems to be as short as 2-3 months.

But don’t get hung up on exact numbers. After all, sugar relationships are each different, with different expectations from sugar daddies and sugar babies, and what’s more important is they both get what they expect from them.

Why Are Sugar Relationships So Short?

Whether you find your match on SugarDaddyMeetSeeking or SugarBook, there are several reasons why sugar relationships end. According to some studies, “long-term” in the land of sugar is anything over six months. 

The “why” sugar relationships end can range from:

  • A sugar daddy is on work in a city only for a short time, or a sugar baby is in school in a different town than where they live.
  • One person develops feelings for the other that make them uncomfortable, so they decide to end it.
  • Someone finds a “real” relationship that makes them uncomfortable in a sugar relationship.
  • People’s expectations change throughout the relationship, and they decide to end it.
  • Finally, one or both people’s needs are not being met or even just not interested in the person anymore.

Is Sugar Dating Worth It?

Sugar dating can be very rewarding, and not just in terms of money. Some sugar relationships are indeed quite NSA (No Strings Attached), where the people usually meet for a few hours regularly, but that’s only one kind of many.

What Motivates a Sugar Daddy?

The man (the sugar daddy) usually looks for companionship in all its forms. Yes, sex is usually a given, but there’s more to it. If all he wants is sex, there are more direct ways to find that.

Most men enjoy the mentorship role too. Sometimes sugar babies will seek out (such as putting it into their profile) men in the same field they want to get into. Men who are established in their careers have developed networks and experiences that they can potentially share with someone just getting started.

What Motivates a Sugar Baby?

For a sugar baby, she is looking for what a girlfriend or wife might get if she hooked on a successful man. An ongoing relationship, but a relationship where she doesn’t have to constantly worry about bills and enjoys things like having clothing and experiencing restaurants and trips she might not normally be able to afford. Improving her lifestyle is the reward.

How Do You End a Sugar Relationship?

Deciding to end a sugar relationship is sometimes necessary for several reasons. For women, the first step is to have a plan, whether this is leaving this sugar relationship or leaving sugar dating behind for good.

Steps to Take Ending a Sugar Relationship

Here are a few things to consider once you end your sugar relationship.

Ask Yourself Why You Are Ended It.

This is important for you and for being able to tell your partner why you are ending it. Is it one of the things we listed in the “why” part at the start of the article? Is it something that just bugs you about the person? Is it something that can be worked on? Or something that can’t be changed.

Have a clear reason for yourself and something you can tell your soon-to-be ex-partner.

Have a Plan to End It and What You Will Do After.

What will you do once you don’t have a regular source of money from your sugar daddy?

Like any other relationship, they are two ways streets. But don’t stay in a sugar relationship because you feel this is the only one. There are a lot of other options always. Yes, it means looking for a new partner, but that’s better than staying where you are no longer happy.

Find a Nice but Firm Way to Tell Your Partner You Are Ending Things.

Whether you decide to do this by text, email or in person, pick a medium you are comfortable with. Once you’ve chosen, it’s best to act soon. There’s no point second-guessing yourself or staying in a relationship you are unhappy with.

How to Break up with a Sugar Baby?

As a guy, if you decide it’s time to break up with a sugar baby, the same rules as above apply.

Ask yourself why you want to end things, find a clear way to tell her, and keep things polite.

Remember, though, that she might have become dependent on you for certain expenses.

Unless there’s a reason that makes it impossible, make an offer to cover some of her expenses for a short period. For example, if she depends on you for her rent payments, offer to give her something to cover for another month or two. That way, she has time to figure something out. She might be too proud to take the money, but it doesn’t hurt to offer. Ultimately, it’s better to leave on good terms if possible, and helping to smooth her landing is just fair.

If you decide to re-enter the sugar bowl again, we recommend trying SugarDaddyMeet for guys. Many guys find it a good alternative with lower membership costs and fewer speech restrictions.


How long sugar relationships last depends on the type of relationship you are involved in. Some are pretty short, lasting less than three months, while longer-term ones can last six months or longer. The average length seems to be around 2-3 months.

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