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This week we have another interview with a 24 year old former sugarbaby who has spent six years in the sugar lifestyle before leaving the scene.

Next in our interview series, we bring you a chat with a former sugar baby on her experiences in the sugar bowl and why she chose to leave. As always we promised to keep her identity a secret to protect her privacy, but she has opened her heart out for our readers in this candid conversation. A 24 year old sugar baby who has spent the last 6 years in the sugar bowl, she feels sugaring is a lifestyle choice and not a side job.

What made you give up the world of sugar?

I have always been a traditional person in terms of my views on marriage and life with kids. During my sugar life I have thought about leaving many times since I have always considered marriage an important part of life. I dint plan on marrying a sugar daddy and thought that I would exit the sugar bowl after a short stint here.  Financially the sugar bowl helped me in various ways but I knew it was time to move on and lead the steady life I had always wanted so I left the sugar bowl and looked for another job that would help me pay my bills.

How many sugar daddies have you seen throughout your sugaring life? When did you finally feel the urge to leave?

Like I said earlier, living a regular life was always part of the plan, but I don’t regret my sugar days at all. The sugar lifestyle helped me get a good college education and paid my bills apart from giving me a good quality of life. After spending around 5 years in the sugar world I began to consider leaving and became more laid back about meeting new sugar daddies.  I had a steady sugar daddy at the time that would provide an allowance and one or two other daddies who I met very infrequently.

Does your family or any of your friends know about your sugar life?

Yes I did tell my family about my sugar lifestyle and while they were not initially happy, they learnt to leave me to make my own choices. I haven’t really told any of my friends about my sugar life except my sugar baby friends.

Do you still maintain contact with any of your sugar daddies or other sugar babies you met during your sugar days?

No, I dint see any reason to keep in touch with any of my old sugar daddies even though I still respect them. Similarly I don’t keep in contact with any of my sugar baby friends either since my lifestyle is a lot different now.

Do you regret leaving the sugar bowl?

Not really. But on some days I do look back on my sugaring days and miss the type of lifestyle I had. Sometimes when I see a really expensive thing that I wish I could own then I wish I hadn’t left the sugar bowl but those moments are few and far between since I really enjoy this life that I now experience.

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