What Does No Strings Attached Sugardating Really Mean?





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Just like regular relationships, sugar relationships too are of various types, flavours and nature. One of these is the No Strings Attached (NSA) sugar relationship. While it can sound rather cold and meaningless, it can be surprising how many people opt for a no strings attached relationship. So what does it really mean? Read on to find out.

Does a No Strings Attached sugar relationship mean that there are no emotions involved at all?

As with other sugar baby lingo, the term NSA is a bit different in the world of sugar dating, but people in such an NSA relationship can still care about each other. All it means is that both partners have agreed not to bring their emotions and the baggage that comes with them into the relationship. It is like a friends-with-benefits relationship and does not mean that you are not supposed to bring up your thoughts and feelings at all. This type of mutually beneficial arrangement is ideal for people who are not looking for a traditional relationship or want something in addition to one. Both partners must be equally honest and inclined to make the sugar relationship a good one without the added pressure that comes with a committed sugar relationship. These days it’s not uncommon for people to put it right in their profile on sugar dating websites, making it easy to search for if that’s what you’re looking for.

Is a No-Strings-Attached relationship similar to a Pay-for-Play relationship?

No, the term Pay for Play (P4P) or similarly PPM (Pay Per Meet), implies that the relationship is only about sex and nothing else. It also means that sex is part of the deal and is the reason money is exchanged. Such deals are usually illegal in some countries. No strings attached relationships are not just physical relationships; they can be friendship based or platonic relationships that include emotional or other factors. Sure, they are mutually beneficial arrangements, but while p4p (or Pay-Per-Meet) relationships are essentially prostitute-customer dealings, a no strings attached relationship is a real relationship minus its excess vulnerability and commitment.

Are people who prefer NSA relationships usually cold-hearted, selfish and shallow?

No, people can be in regular relationships and be cold-hearted, selfish or shallow. However, not everyone who chooses a no-strings-attached sugar relationship is likely to be so. The reason they choose a lifestyle or relationship where they wouldn’t have to deal with the hassles of a regular relationship can vary from person to person. Maybe some are already dealing with a difficult marriage, or others don’t have the time needed to make a relationship work but crave some intimacy. It is a different story every time.

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