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The first impression a sugar daddy gets from your profile will be the reason he messages you. To have a great experience in the sugar bowl, it is important to be unique and real. You should be seen as an exciting and interesting person who would be a great sugar baby rather than another online persona. Here are some photo tips to get started. To establish a connection with the person viewing your sugar baby profile, it is vital to have a great profile picture and a good username. Here are some profile tips to have a profile picture that will impress.

How Discreet Do You Want to Be?

Having a clear idea of the discretion level you expect from the sugar relationship website is very important when deciding which photo to use on your profile. Are you comfortable with your full photo on the site, or do u want only to show your body and not your face or the opposite? Deciding what you are comfortable with is very important.

Also, keep in mind that tattoos or certain jewellery can make it easy to identify someone, especially close friends and family.

Photo Tips: How to Have the Best Profile Photos

Choose pictures that are clear and not blurred, unless it’s your face or maybe unique tattoos, but even then, consider a cropped photo over a blurred face – less obvious.  They should be easy to understand and simple in terms of composition. While you can choose whether to reveal your face or not, if you choose to, then you should ensure you look your best, and the photo is a good indication of how you look in real life. While you don’t want to put up a photo that makes you look unattractive, you don’t want to portray an unrealistic image of yourself either. Some other photo tips are to use Snapchat, Instagram or another app to enhance a candid photo, but still hide some of your features. Instagram lets you easily glamorize your photos a bit. Keep in mind, too, though, that guys are usually looking for normal women, so don’t worry if you look like yourself and not a supermodel.

Don’t Have a Profile With No Pictures.

Sugar daddies are more likely to ignore profiles that don’t have any pictures. Choose some attractive pictures to make your profile stand out and appear more appealing. If you don’t want to post a photo of your face or a body-only picture, an idea would be to post a picture with sunglasses on so you aren’t easily identified. Another idea is to post a photo where you face the opposite direction, but the viewer can see your silhouette.

Photo tips for your Seeking Arrangement profile
Adding photos to your profile. Note there are public and private photos-  keep the racy ones there.

Try to Look Classy, Not Provocative

In your profile photo, your aim should be to look classy and not sleazy. While it is okay to have a photo that shows off your body to its best, it should be classy and tasteful, not vulgar. Remember that this is the first image a potential sugar daddy is going to have of you. Some women choose to include bolder pictures but keep those in the private section – that way, you can limit who sees them. One tip for sexy photos is, if guys are want to see pictures that show off your figure, a yoga outfit will show your figure just as good as a Victoria Secret outfit – plus, if it goes public, it’s just yoga ware – nothing scandalous in that.

Good Quality Pictures

While it is not essential to hire a professional photographer to take your pictures, you should ensure your photo is taken in a nice place and has ample light to make you look true to yourself. A photo on your cellphone or a selfie will work just fine and actually make you seem more real. That said unless you mention you’re a model, keep in mind you don’t want the photos to look like they were taken by a professional photographer, as some guys might think your profile is fake, or if it’s overly provocative…well, let’s say I used to skip over anything with a lady doing a cat-crawl on a hotel bed 🙂

SeekingArrangement has a list of rules for photos, which you can find here in case you’re wondering. Basically, they warn you that you can get your account banned for things like:

  • You are not in the photos, or just your lips and hands
  • Photos including kids
  • Explicit photos, or just nudity
  • Photos “containing or depicting illegal content” (i.e. hide that bong before doing a selfie)
  • Other people’s SeekingArrangement photos
  • Copyrighted photos from other websites (think that also means celebrities you look exactly like)

Candid Pictures Are Good Too

You needn’t necessarily be staring at the lens of the camera. Candid pictures of you at a good location are a great idea to bring up topics of mutual interest. If you have a pet, you could consider putting up a picture with your pet. But Avoid being too candid; Seeking Arrangement has rules against kids in your photos, and maybe you don’t have friends or family in there either. Also, be careful not to have things that could identify you or where you live or work – like a sports plaque with your school crest in the background or a restaurant chain uniform for safety and privacy reasons.

Finally, if you want to go candid and keep your privacy, take advantage of your phone’s flash. When you do a bathroom selfie, hold the camera close to your face with the flash set to on, and you’ll be able to get a natural full-body shot but still protecting your privacy by hiding your face behind the flash. It’s within Seeking Arrangement’s rules for profile photos, and you don’t need to use photo editing software or take pictures from odd angles.

Photos should be recent.

Don’t upload pictures that are older than a few months. Like we said earlier, the profile photo is all about providing a clear image of what a sugar daddy should expect when they meet you. You don’t want them to be shocked.

More Profile Photo Tips:

Not surprisingly, there’s been many studies on what kinds of photos work well for dating apps. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Smile (yes, we know it’s a cliche), but it works, oddly, for women showing your teeth is recommended (but for guys, the same surveys say not to)
  • Sporty for the win: wear your favourite team’s jersey or you taking part in a sports activity boosts your likes
  • As well as sporty, a shot or two of a night out seems to help
  • Full body shot.
  • Also, drop the sunglasses and big hats, instead show your eyes, another cliche, but guys notice eyes, so go for the close-ups.
  • Use a vacation photo, either because people look so relaxed in them or as a conversation starter. Studies say to avoid beach photos, though.
  • Selfies. Maybe because they seem the most real, guys respond to selfies (interestingly, women are less interested in guys who post selfies)
  • Use natural makeup. Avoid photos that look like you used too many filters.
  • Include a few photos, at least 4 that seems to indicate you don’t just have one good photo.
Source: Hinge Report: What Photos get the most Likes

Bonus: What Guys Don’t Want to See

These are some tips from a sugar baby forum of things that guys don’t want to see:

  • Photo with you in a group of 2-3 other girls – guys aren’t mind-readers
  • While night-out photos work, avoid too real photos (party flavours/bongs, even your kid’s photobombing) are a no-no
  • Old photos
  • All kind of odd angles or all very close-in face shots. Guys are going to assume you’re hiding something.
  • Hats, sunglasses, same as odd angles, but keep your privacy in mind too before swearing off big hats.
  • Snapchat filters – you’re not a dog, but if again, keep your privacy in mind, maybe include regular photos in your private section.
  • Too professional-looking, unless you’re listing your profession as a model, guys might think something is up – go for natural.
  • Car and animals in your photos, for some reason, photos with your cars or dog score lower for likability in some studies – and we got no idea why.

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