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It’s not uncommon for women to be nervous or even scared to meet a sugar daddy for the first time. It’s also not uncommon for a potential sugar daddy to also be a bit nervous.

While dating in the sugar world is much like any other date, unlike regular dating, a first meeting is like a combination of a first date and an interview. You want to find out if you’re comfortable around the person, hopefully, have some things in common, but you also want to decide what the arrangement should be if you decide to move forward.

Let’s look at ways to decide when it is right to meet up and how it can be done safely.

Start Building a Relationship Online, Before Moving off the App.

Most sugar apps like SugarDaddyMeet  SeekingArragement or SugarBook let you safely message people within the application. These conversations are monitored by the staff so you can report if you’re getting unwelcome or threatening messages. It’s best to start chatting in the app and be wary of members who are too quick to want to talk off the app, where conversations aren’t monitored.

For this reason, scammers will quickly try and get off the app, away from monitoring. Treat this as a warning sign if they send their number in the first few messages.

Some apps like Seeking have rules about mentioning topics like money or sexual services for payment, which can lead to the cancellation of an expensive membership. Other platforms like SugarDaddyMeet allow more freedom to talk about financial matters, so this site is becoming more popular among guys.

For this reason, as well as lower membership costs, we recommend SugarDaddyMeet for guys in 2022.

Can You Have a Sugar Daddy Without Meeting?

Yes, some ladies are looking for “virtual dating” or “online” dating. Most guys are looking for in-person, so girls will usually put that in their profiles so as not to waste the time of both parties.

The reasons women choose to do online-only dating vary. Some do not want to have any physical contact, while others find it difficult to make time to meet up due to other commitments, distance, or living situations. For instance, girls living at home might find it challenging to go out without getting too many awkward questions from parents or other family members.

On the other hand, some women might want to start online until their feel comfortable meeting in public.

Also, some might want to sell items or pictures online instead of meeting.

Most men, however, are looking for companionship, so generally, the more successful ones tend to progress to actual meetings. But you should only do so when you feel comfortable.

Being Cautious Is a Good Thing.

Like regular dating, you want to know the person a bit before meeting a stranger for the first time. Ideally, you should talk on the sugar application for a bit. If there are no red flags, the guy usually asks for or offers to contact them off the platform. If you are comfortable talking on a phone might be a good idea as you can

If you’re uncomfortable giving out your real phone number, get a “burner” app. We recommend using Hush because it’s easy to set up and has reasonable prices. Don’t feel bad about using a burner. Many people use apps like this for safety. texting or talking on the phone is a good way to get a feel for somebody.

Once you’re comfortable, consider meeting up for something like a coffee or dinner. A first meeting is talking and seeing how comfortable you are.

Suggest somewhere public, somewhere you feel comfortable and maybe even during the day. Don’t be afraid to suggest alternatives if you’re not comfortable with where your date suggests a meeting.

What Should I Wear to a Sugar Daddy Meet?

Once you know the place you’ll be meeting, dress for the occasion. Is it a local bar, something simple that looks good on you but is not too over the top?

Basically just dress in something you are comfortable in and fits the place you are meeting at. Leave something to the imagination.

Sometimes you also want to be a bit discrete and not show up in something that’s going to have all eyes on you the moment you walk into the room – unless you want that, then go for it.

Do You Have To Be Intimate With a Sugar Daddy?

While it may happen, it shouldn’t be an expectation. The first meeting between two potential partners should be about getting to know each other in a social setting.

What to Talk About and What Not To.

Talk about your interests, hobbies, what your goals are. Don’t give out too much personal information like where you work or your home address since you’re still in the meeting stage. You certainly don’t need to provide banking information.

How Much Does a Sugar Daddy Usually Pay?

For the initial meet-up, it’s a bit unusual to pay for the meeting itself since this is the “interview” before you get “the job.” That said, the potential sugar daddy (“POT”) is expected to pay for the entire meal and drinks. It’s not uncommon for sugar daddies to pay for transportation (Uber or a train ticket). But an actual payment for the first meeting is not that common.


It’s normal to be a bit scared to meet sugar daddy the first time, especially if this is a new experience for you. The key is to only meet up in person when you’re ready for it. Before deciding to meet, spend a bit of time getting to know each other first on the app and then in texts, phone or video calls. Only then, pick somewhere public to meet up for a drink or meal to talk.

Ultimately if you’ve decided a sugar relationship is something you’d like to explore, it’s worth getting over your fears when the time feels right.

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