The Secret Life of a Gay Male Sugar Baby





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The life of gay sugar baby is a lot more than interesting. It can be fun, interesting and sometimes tedious too. Being a sugar baby is hard enough, but being a male sugar baby can make it twice as hard say some sugar babies we spoke to.

There was one common theme that came up when talking to male sugar babies. They all agreed that there sugar daddies were generous. One gay sugar baby said he went to college and is now looking to become an entrepreneur all with funds arranged by his various sugar daddies.

Several young gay men accept that without their sugar daddies they would have not possibly reached the places they have. They say the stress of dealing with a vanilla relationship and the issues that come with it are off the table with a sugar partner and they get lavished with cash and gifts too. What’s not to love right? However not all male sugar babies are happy with the arrangements they find and admit that even in sugar relationships sometimes things can end bitterly.

Sugar dating websites say that members from the LGBT community are growing as the sites get more popular it cities. Both male and female Sugar babies can sign up on the site, create a profile and find the type of sugar daddies they seek at the allowance range they want to receive.

Many sugar babies say that the lifestyle that sugar dating provides is something they would not be able to afford at the age. Surprisingly, many male sugar daddies revealed that along with money and gifts also comes extreme control. Sugar daddies can be controlling and sometimes very possessive, one male sugar baby said.

While some daddies are looking for physical relationships, others are looking for emotional and mental relationships with their sugar babies sometimes with minimal or no sexual involvement. Sugar daddies have various rules that their babies should follow which could include dressing styles, punctuality or even talking about certain topics.

Male sugar daddies expect a high standard from their sugar babies, one gay sugar baby revealed. ‘They want the others to look at them with awe’ he said adding that he was forced to spend a great deal of time on grooming and fitness related activities.

Another thing that all male sugar babies seemed to agree with was that their sugar daddies wanted to get their money’s worth when it came to time spent with them. Some daddies even turned abusive when their babies didn’t respond to messages or calls and threatened to withhold allowances.

After speaking to many sugar babies it can be understood that being a gay sugar baby is a harder life than one may imagine. With the many pros come the few cons that can make it extremely difficult for anyone to deal with.

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