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In the world of sugar there are going to be many opportunities knocking on your door, many amazing men you will meet and experiences you will enjoy. However, it is imperative to know about the few that are not going to be as amazing as you would like to them or are just not the right fit for you. While Seeking Arrangement scams are not unique to SA (plus plenty of other sugar dating websites – and real-life too), to help you out we have created a list for you, 8 types of sugar daddies to avoid. This post will hopefully help you stay far away from the fakes while you enjoy the genuine, because just like a fake Louis Vuitton, a fake sugar daddy is not what you want to invest in.

The guy that wants to see your naked pictures

Most sugar babies have received a message requesting for a naked picture. So how to deal with these type of daddies? Our advice is stay away! Block them right away. No good sugar daddy is going to message you for naked pictures right at the outset.

The guy who wants to ‘test things out’ first before talking about an arrangement

This is usually the guy who seems all enthusiastic; you have probably even been on a first date with him. But when the topic of an arrangement comes up, he casually mentions that he would have to test you out in bed before making a deal about the arrangement. When you receive a test you out statement – you should know it is time to delete him. This is actually a tricky area, he may appear to be a good guy, may have been generous, but if he needs to test you out to make sure you’re the right fit, then you should know something is not right. No genuine sugar daddy will want to test you out before investing in you, spot the fake and move along. Somewhat related to this is the identity theft scammer, you can read about him here.

The guy who wants to pay per session

You aren’t therapy, you aren’t a prostitute either, which is why you should stay away from these types of men. Now, this too is a tricky area, as the daddies may be good, but you should understand what exactly he is looking for during the ‘sessions’. These daddies are the ones who aren’t really looking for a sugar baby relationship but rather just ‘paying for action’. Sugar relationships are not only physical and they most probably don’t understand that. These types of daddies aren’t exactly fakes, but they aren’t the ones you should be looking for. Try asking for an allowance and if he disagrees know that it’s time to say bye.

The one who can’t stop talking about how rich he is

Does he constantly talk about the moolah he is making, brings up his car and Rolex in every conversation? Then you should stay far away from him. While some subtle bragging is okay, (he is probably trying to impress) anything that you feel has crossed the normal threshold of boasting is proof that he is a fake. Now he may not be lying about his riches, but someone who is so vocally proud about his money is never going to be generous with it. Remember that the men who spend the most money on you are probably not the richest ones.

The guy whose personality is just off

You sugar daddy doesn’t own you. You owe him nothing that you don’t want to provide. While it is essential to keep your sugar daddy happy, remember that you are not his slave. If his personality and character is not really keeping you happy then decide to say bye. Key things to look for are rudeness and meanness. He may be a very generous person, but f he going to be mean to you then you really shouldn’t stick around. You want a sugar daddy, not a bitter-daddy. Remember that your mental wellbeing is more important than anything else.

The guy who wants to strike a bargain

You aren’t last season’s pair of shoes to be available at 50 percent off. If he tries to seek a bargain, be reasonable, if he can’t afford to pay high rates, understand. You could probably bring down your expectations but agree to only spend half the amount of time. It is important to be realistic with your expectations too. Don’t consider yourself as last season’s stock, stay away from the bargainer if he won’t agree.

The guy who acts like you should be grateful to him forever – all the time

You should definitely be grateful to your sugar daddy, it is very important to keep him happy and let him know that you are grateful. But if the guy acts like he is doing you a huge favor then it is time to understand that he is not the real thing. Sugar is a mutually beneficial arrangement; you are not the only one benefitting from it.

The guy who makes it all about himself

If the sugar daddy is only talking about his own self and won’t ask you anything or won’t pay any attention to anything you have to say, then he is definitely a fake. Sometimes, it can be a phase and can last a day or two but if he constantly behaves in this manner and the only thing that matters to him is his own self, then say bye in style and move on.

Avoiding Seeking Arrangement Scams (and other Sugar Baby websites too)

Keep these tips in mind when you’re out exploring the world of sugar dating. While there are plenty of nice guys out there, it never hurts to use your gut instinct!

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