Sexual Health Tips For Sugarbabies and Sugardaddies





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Most sugar dating relationships are physically intimate relationships. Hence it is very important for both partners in a sugar relationship to take precautions for their own sexual and physical safety. Taking good care of your sexual health is very important and being aware of your own body and its health is essential make things easier between you and your partner.

Sexually transmitted diseases are more common than one would think. don’t trust your sugar daddy if he says he doesn’t have one and hence you don’t need protection. It is very important to protect yourself from these easily transmitted diseases and also from unwanted pregnancies. While some STDs can be life threatening others may disappear after a course of antibiotics, but remember that is always better to be safe than sorry.

Protect yourself

It is important that you protect yourself, here are three important tips you should never forget.

Shower and bathe yourself regularly (and insist he does too!)

Showering before a date and afterwards too, is a good way to reduce infections. If your sugar daddy hasn’t showered you can insist he does or even suggest a shower together if he is really avoiding showering. Not only will it help build intimacy but also be a great way to ensure he did shower.

Regular medical check ups

If you are concerned that you may have an infection you should meet a doctor for a screening. Not only can you infect someone else you could damage your own health in the long term. The good news is you can Find A Test Center that will quickly check for most of the common STDs that partners should be checked for.

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Insist on Condoms

Like any other new relationship, condoms are best, at least until you’re comfortable with the person. Condoms are the safest method of preventing STDs. Insist your sugar daddy use them and have some around to use in case he claims to not have any.  Change condoms after using for a long time and change them when in doubt. Buy some flavoured condoms or different brands to have on hand. Remember that STDs can get transmitted only through vaginal sex but also orally.

Condoms may not be one hundred percent effective but not using condoms increases the possibilities of risk by a great deal. A sugar daddy may think that since he is investing a lot of money and time in the relationship he deserves condom-free sex. Likewise, some women prefer the authentic feel too,  However do not give in to such assumptions and presumptions and hold your own when it comes to decisions on sensitive matters.

Explain to them why using a condom is so important to you and that it does not take away any pleasure from the act but only adds to it. Incentivize the use of condoms by making it fun for him by selecting one yourself and asking for a preferred flavour, type etc. Don’t make it sound like he has to do it for you, rather making it seem like a mutual decision that benefits both of you.

Use these precautions to make your sugar life a lot more exciting and fun without having to be afraid of anything. After all isn’t that what the sugar life is all about?

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