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Single Mother Sugar Baby


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Being a mom is a full-time job, more-so if you’re also a single parent. It’s not surprising that there are a growing number of single mother sugar baby on sugar dating sites. This week we have some tips for how to manage the two.

Dealing With the Sugar Life When You Have Kids

The sugar lifestyle is not only for girls who are under the age of 30. A sugar baby can be older and have many other things happening in her life. Sugaring and being a parent, is not very different than being in a sugar relationship when you don’t have children. There are some things to know if you are planning to enter the world of sugar and a single mother sugar baby.

Keep your worlds separate

Keeping your world of sugar and family life separate from each other is crucial to having peace and staying relaxed. Regardless of how long you know a particular sugar daddy, don’t introduce him to your family and children and learn to keep them apart from each other.

If you would prefer to be truthful on your profile to your sugar daddy about the fact that you do have children, go ahead. But don’t bring them up unnecessarily or volunteer to have them meet. If your sugar daddy or potential sugar daddy wants to meet your children you can decline politely. Remember it is you he wants a relationship with and not the kids.

Dealing with Gifts

Keeping the gifts at a minimum is the best way to deal with this. You can have your sugar daddy give you an allowance or cash instead of buying you flashy gifts. While it can be great to own a fancy new designer bag it can be a lot more realistic for you to receive cash and use it when you need to.

Staying away from flashy gifts is also a way to keep the gossip at bay and live a life that is realistic to others. Remember that receiving extra cash from your generous sugar daddy instead of gifts means you can use the money to buy things for the kids or pay bills when you are a bit low on cash.

While it can be hard to refuse a shopping spree, it can be easier to explain to your sugar daddy why you don’t prefer gifts if you tell him about your kids. That said remember that you do deserve a spa day when you are tired.

Do you tell your children about your sugar life?

This is a decision that depends on the age of your kids and your relationship with them. Even if you have a great relationship with your children it can be difficult to explain that mommy has a sugar daddy who gives her cash every month. However if your children are old enough to understand, you could choose to talk to them about your sugar situation and explain your choice. Every situation is different and there is no one size fits all solution for this issue. If you do choose to tell your children you may also want to discuss about whom they can talk to about the topic as it is possible for gossip to spread in the most unlikely way.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your sugar life and personal life separate in your own mental space. It can be easy to merge it all together; you are the same person after all. However work on keeping the worlds separate and knowing when to give importance to which world. Keeping your priorities in order is very important.

If you are a mother ready to enter the world of sugar, but the only thing holding you back is the thought of your kids, then know that it is going to be fine. Many other single mothers have benefited from the world of sugar and so can you. Go for it.


Single Mother Sugar Baby Survey Says…

In 2015 SeekingArrangement did a survey on single mothers who where single mother sugar baby, the results suggested that:

  • The primary reason for joining SeekingArrangement was “needing extra household money” (43.3%), “help financially supporting children” (20.3%), “fun lifestyle” (12.4%), and “all the above” rounding out at 24%.
  • Would they like to marry their sugar daddy? Evenly split, with a slight preference for marrying (57%), versus not (42.7%).
  • Also almost evenly split between yes and no to the question would they still be on the site if they had enough money to comfortably support themselves and children: Yes: 44.9%, No: 55.1%
  • What are they looking to get out of the arrangement? Top answer was money (65.8%), followed by car & clothes (23.6%), then “other” and vacations at 14.7% and 4.0%.
  • The largest age group was 21-30 (65%), 31-40 (26%), and then finally 41-50 ages made up the 8% and over 50 was less than one percent.

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