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The sugar bowl is not just sweet it is also filled up for you with the most exotic candies. Before you bring some sweetness into your plain life read our advice for first time sugar daddies.


The sugar babies can’t say this enough; Respect is the most important thing they ask from you. Treat sugar babies with the respect you are expecting from a sugar partner. On your first sugar date remember that the sugar baby wants this relationship just as much as you do, but she is not desperate for it. All of us here are trying to fill a void in our lives, be ready to accept people for who they are and respect unconditionally.

Keeping your new sugar baby clued in about what you expect in number of meetings, what sort of discretion you expect and budget or gifts you have in mind is a great way to let them know you are interested. In short be open with her and treat her with care and respect.

Not escorts

A sugar baby is not an escort, if you are not interested in a sugar lifestyle you shouldn’t seek out for one. While sugar relationships are taboo to many people remember that it is a conscious choice you made. Sugar babies are just like most other girls out there and are everyday women. Don’t demand sex before you have a good relationship established.

Hold off on the gifts till you meet

Everyone loves presents, it is a great way to feel appreciated and loved. But hold off on buying your sugar baby gifts until you have spent some quality time together. This way you not only know more about what she likes you also avoid wasting money on a person who wasn’t the right fit. Don’t up sell, but be honest and let her know you will eventually buy her gifts.

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