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Sugar Fashion on a Budget


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Looking good and having an amazing personality are very important in the world of sugar, here’s some tips on how show off your own personal fashion, and look your best on a budget.

Looking good and having an amazing personality are very important in the world of sugar, and it is not uncommon for sugar babies to put in a lot of effort towards their outward appearance. However if you don’t have fancy couture in your closet or can’t afford any of the designer brands you would like to wear when you are heading off to meet a potential sugar daddy, then here are some tips for you:

Look as authentically your own self as you can.  Don’t try to create a persona for your sugar dating lifestyle but just present yourself as a good version of the real person you are. Wear the outfit that you think makes you look the prettiest and has always got you complements and looks of admiration. Keeping your fashion simple can actually be a great way to come across as a genuine person.

Dressing according to your body type can also help you present yourself in the best way without overdoing it. Choose well cut, simple styles over elaborate and gaudy designs. A simple outfit can be highlighted with a good accessory and can help make you stand out in a crowd. Scarves, belts, or a statement necklace can take your outfit to the next level.

Remember that most potential sugar daddies don’t really care what you wear, as long as you aren’t looking like a homeless person or like you desperately need some more clothes on, you should be fine. Men don’t really care about the brand you are wearing, and while you may know the difference between the fit of a designer dress and a bargain dress from the internet, your sugar daddy is probably not a fashion expert and likely not going to realize.

That said, of course, there are some sugar daddies, who, are into fashion and extremely brand conscious and are all about showing off the fine things in life. They are usually newly minted sugar daddies and are new to the world of money and lavish living.

You only need one or two outfits to wear to meet your potential sugar daddies before you can make some cash and buy better outfits. The same outfit can even be repeated if you feel the need for it to be. You could consider asking your sugar daddy for some cash or allowance to buy a new outfit if you are going to meet him again before he gifts you. Asking in a polite way with a genuine manner will bring you best results.

Remember that feeling good about your outfit is very important, you could feel like a million bucks in a simple dress you already own or you could felt terrible dressed head to toe in Chanel, it is really all comes down to the perspective.  Feeling upbeat and positive will instantly make you a more likable person.

Buy some accessories you think will bring style to your outfit, if you can’t buy  then borrow from friends, your mom, sister or other sugar babies around you. Another important accessory to remember are high heels which can bring your look together. Invest in a pair of high quality black or nude pumps as soon as you have the money for it. They are a wardrobe staple that should stay with you regardless of the occasion.

Don’t forget to wear your amazing confidence and spray on some perfume before heading out the door. We wish you luck in your sugar endeavors!

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