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So you finally have a sugar daddy who you are excited about. You enjoy spending time with him and so does he. Now it is time to get the well-deserved sugar baby allowance and your sugar daddy asks how you would prefer it. What do you say?

Today’s article is about various ways to receive your sugar baby allowance to help you make the best choice for your situation and lifestyle. Today we’re looking at how to actually receive it, to get to that point, check out articles on negotiating and figuring out an amount that meets your goals too.

Easiest Sugar Baby Allowance: Cash

Cash is an easy way to receive your allowance. It is untraceable, super easy to use, and not that hard to store. There are many positives of receiving cash however there are some negatives too. Having a pile of cash can be great, it easy to spend which can be great but also not so good when you realise you don’t know how you spent all your cash. How many times have you experienced breaking a hundred, but not remembering where the rest of the change you got went?

Keeping a running list of all items and services you are spending your money on is a great way to keep track of cash. You could do it in a small notebook or find an app that lets you write down expenses. Also cash is easy to lose and it is not easy to track and finding who stole it can be very hard.

Another aspect is that receiving cash from your sugar daddy can be embarrassing, especially in public, even if you remain discreet.  However if you decide to receive your allowance in cash remember that cash can be deposited into your bank account and used from there. Apart from having some emergency cash on hand, you can deposit your allowance into your bank account and use your bank card to spend it. However you should remember that money in your bank account is legal money and you can be held accountable for taxes.

Direct Bank Deposit

Your sugar daddy can make a direct deposit into your bank account. However, you must first establish a relationship of trust with your sugar daddy before handing over your bank account number and other details. This is an easy way to receive money and you don’t have to worry about heading to the bank every time you have to make a deposit. However it can be unsafe if you don’t trust your sugar daddy or you do but are just getting to know him. Tax troubles too can arise from bank deposits. In Canada, we’d suggest you use Interac as it makes it easy to transfer your allowance using just your email or phone number. Other countries might have similar systems.


PayPal is another easy and convenient way to make and receive payment. Chances are you already have an account, if you don’t, you could create one easily and add your bank account to it. PayPal can also be great to use in the beginning stages of your mutually beneficial relationship since you don’t need to provide your sugar daddy any other details other than your email address.

PayPal can be fast and discreet. However the service too has legal implications and tax troubles can arise if you don’t adhere to the regulations.

Other Online Payment Methods to Get Your Sugar Baby Allowance

While PayPal still remains one of the most popular payment methods online, others have followed in its footsteps too. Other providers include google wallet and square cash. You can give your sugar daddy your email address and use these services. They are fast ad discreet apart from being safer than giving away your banking information.

Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is almost as discreet as cash, plus it’s a lot safer to carry around than cash.  It is easy to use and you can withdraw money to make payments. However if you lose it, it could be quite a hassle to get another issued. Write down the number of the card in a safe place. See our guide to gift cards here for some ways you can use gift cards either online or plastic.

Virtual Gift Cards

Bill payment

Making your sugar daddy pay the bills is another way, but it too does have pros and cons. While it is easier for you since you don’t have to actually handle any money it can also be difficult to track and you will have to disclose all your bill related information to your sugar daddy. On the other hard, things like phone bills can often be paid in a phone store or at a bank, as long as your comfortable with him knowing your name (it will be on the bill obviously), this is an easy option. This is ideal if you trust him and are in an advanced stage in your relationship, and not for someone you just met yesterday night.


This is for the more tech-savvy sugar daddy. Bitcoin is a new payment system and is a new type of money. It is safe and discreet to use. However the value of bitcoin fluctuates which makes it a risky proposition. Another con of using bitcoin is that it requires technical know-how and both you and your sugar daddy should know about bitcoin technology and how to use it.

We hope you found our article useful and decide to use whatever method suits your lifestyle the best. Enjoy your sugar baby allowance.

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