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As sugar relationships become more common, it has become increasingly difficult for those new to the sugar bowl to know about commonly accepted practices. Today we are discussing deciding on a sugar baby allowance. An allowance can be part of an arrangement, though not always, and it might be one part of the arrangement, in addition to things like mentor-ship (if the sugar daddy is in an industry the sugar baby is working towards being a part of), or maybe travel / “taste of the high-life” is another pretty common.  It is an agreed-upon sum of money that a sugar daddy gives his sugar baby either weekly or monthly, in return the sugar baby bestows upon him, affection and care apart from being a good confidante and trusty aide.

In the world of sugar relationships, allowances are very important. So how does a sugar daddy determine an allowance and what does an allowance include? Read on.

Every sugar baby should remember that your allowance is not how much you are ‘worth’. You aren’t really setting a price on your worth but rather your time and effort. Any generous sugar daddy will understand that an allowance is an important part of a sugar baby’s life and treat it with the discreetness and significance it requires. A sugar baby’s allowance should be one that both sugar baby and daddy are happy with; else there will soon be discontent and the feeling of dissatisfaction.

The major things every sugar baby should consider when asking for a specific amount as an allowance are:

Sugar Baby Allowance: How much you want?

Are you looking for an NSA / pay-per-meeting allowance or a monthly allowance? Be clear with your sugar daddy about this. While initial dates can work on a per meet basis remember that you are not a prostitute and should not be treated like one. You can ask for a weekly or monthly allowance.

According to a survey done by Seeing Arrangement,  sugar baby website the average sugar baby receives around $2700-3000 a month as allowance apart from gifts. However, remember that the range is from around $1000 to $5000 a month and what you earn could depend entirely on your sugar daddy. Something that also comes up is platonic sugar baby allowances, as a rule, these are generally lower than more intimate ones, but if you are in a relationship, LGBT or otherwise, then this is a still an option.

Finding a sugar baby allowance that is right for your lifestyle is very important as you don’t want to seem like terribly high maintenance and a greedy person or a cheap girl either. It is important to understand how much you need to live your life comfortably, including your rent, travel expenses, internet and mobile bill, groceries and other living expense. Add in an amount that you would like to save and an amount you would like to use to buy luxurious items and you are set for your asking price. You could also consider writing down your rent and other expenses and doubling it. Most sugar daddies know how to manage their money, so a bit of transparency goes a long way. Also, have a definite minimum standard in mind, both in what you’d accept as an allowance and what you’re willing to provide back- then don’t be afraid to walk away from the table if your needs aren’t being met, this is an arrangement, not the Fyre Festival (nobody wants that!). Expect too, a POT sugar daddy will have ideas for a sugar baby allowance too and what he’s like out of an arrangement, so think a bit about what you’re comfortable within a sugar relationship too before bringing up your wants and needs too.

No sugar daddy is going to give you an extravagant amount of money right away (in fact be cautious if they do) doesn’t demand a large sum of money on the first date or you will seem like a greedy woman. Remember that you can always ask for more when you need it. Some sugar daddies are naturally generous and will give you more than you ask for while some may need a little nudging especially when it comes to gifts. Allowances also don’t start until at least 1-2 dates in, you can decide when that is, but don’t leave the talk too long if that’s what you’re looking for ultimately.

Sugar Baby Allowance: How much can he give you?

Of course, figuring out your needs are just half the story. Generally the very rich are not the youngest (there’s a reason 50 Shades is called a fantasy), and if they do, they probably have plenty of other options. For this reason, sugar daddies are ideally in the early 30s to mid-40s, and while they might not be able to buy you a private jet, doesn’t mean they can’t take you to the Bahamas or a ski trip every few months.  Sometimes the amount you receive may also depend on the sugar daddy. If your sugar daddy is the crème de la crème, that is if he is incredibly rich, then he probably won’t have much trouble providing a large allowance and gifts that may cost just as much. However, even millionaires don’t always have liquid cash on him and are paying for his kids’ college tuition in addition to his luxury lifestyle. While neither party should embellish (too much) what they bring to the table, making an arrangement usually a is a compromise, and this is why it’s important to have a minimum expectation, and importantly, not be afraid to walk away if they can meet those minimums, otherwise sooner than later, it will take a toll on your self-esteem, if not just your bank account.

Just like real estate location plays an important factor in determining how much a sugar baby gets paid. Some towns may not have sugar daddies who can afford a large allowance while cities may have a greater number of generous sugar daddies. Also, your rent and expenses are likely to be lower in a town rather than in a city so all these aspects to come into consideration when asking for your sugar baby allowance.

Learning to negotiate is very important but doing so in a kind and polite manner without making your sugar daddy think you are trying to extort payment is even more important after all trust is a two-way street as they say, but treat the allowance as a business deal and if he misses a payment, don’t meet him until you are sure the amount has arrived.

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