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For guys thinking of trying out the sugar dating lifestyle, one of the first questions is how much is this going to cost me? Like a lot of things in life, it depends on several factors, and we’re going to talk about them in this article.

So how much does a sugar baby cost? in short, sugar dating can cost anywhere from $200-300 dollars for a quick meet-up to as much as $2000-$3000 or more per month if you have an ongoing arrangement.

The amount depends on several things, such as how often you will see each other and the type of arrangement you are in.

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Types Of Sugar Arrangements

Many sugar baby advice sites give a distorted view of what being a sugar baby is like. Usually, it’s some life of luxury with no commitments or expectations from her sugar daddy.

In reality, there is a spectrum of sugar relationships, ranging from platonic dating to mostly sexual and all the way to something like a traditional dating relationship.

  • Platonic dating. This is what many sugar baby advice sites sell: the women get paid to go to dinners, fancy restaurants, and trips to exotic places. It’s not a complete fantasy, as research does show that maybe one-third of women say they don’t sleep with their sugar daddy.
  • “Sugar Prostitution” or “compensated dating” It’s just a compensated sexual relationship without companionship. In this case, both partners likely have other partners too. Because of the low time commitment, this is where you get lower cost. A PPM (Pay Per Meet) arrangement is common here, and many sugar relationships start in this phase or might never really leave this stage, especially if the man is married.
  • Non-exclusive. A step up from “Sugar Prostitution,” this is more like a traditional non-committed dating relationship where both parties are still seeing other people.
  • Exclusive. Depending on the partners, sugar relationships can evolve from platonic or “sugar prostitution” to something more ongoing. These relationships incorporate companionship, intimacy, and other parts of traditional romantic relationships.

The first two on this list are usually on the lower end of the cost. Typically platonic dating and compensated dating (this term is more used in Asia), a “gift” (payment) is made each time you meet. This could either by done during the date or once there is a level of trust established, you might provide the “gift” before or after the meeting.

What Things Should You Not Pay For?

Most advice sites for men suggest on the first meeting men should pay for any food or entertainment on the date, possibly including transportation. They should not pay for a “deposit” or “meet and greet.” The reason for this, unfortunately, is that there are scammers who have no intention of starting a relationship and want to make some easy money. If you’re meeting someone far away from you or would need a ride, offer instead to come to meet them somewhere closer or offer to order an Uber ride for them. Legitimate sugar babies should be open to this.

How Are Costs Broken Down

Outside of PPM dating, where there is usually a fixed price that’s agreed on early in the relationship, the costs are based on what both people want to get out of the arrangement.

What Do Sugar Babies Want?

Women who become get involved in sugar dating are usually looking for three things:

  • Improve their lifestyle. This could include travel, clothing, or restaurants.
  • Fix an immediate need. Think car repairs, credit card debt, and school fees.
  • Gain new experiences and mentorship. This falls in the mentorship category and could involve helping them gain employment or networking.

If a guy is going to be successful as a sugar daddy, he will have to be able to meet some of these needs.

It’s not a one-way deal, though, as men usually find sugar relationships can offer

  • Companionship, outside of his marriage.
  • A Traveling partner, arm candy.
  • A Listening ear, sometimes wives don’t listen.
  • Fun, Youthful Activities both in the bedroom and hotels.

As a man, you should ask yourself what your goals are with a sugar relationship too.

How Do Sugar Daddies Transfer Money?

While “cash is king” (and is used in PPM meetings often until a level of trust is established), other online payment systems are used. PayPal is one that’s commonly used, and regular bank transfers through Interac in Canada, or Cash App and Venmo in the US and internationally are other common ways of transferring money.

You should avoid anything that requires you to give your bank account number to the other person. In fact, sugar dating sites like SugarDaddyMeet warn members about scammers asking for bank details.

Other options like Cryptocurrency transfers are possible, but this is still uncommon in 2022.

What City Has the Most Sugar Babies?

The cities with the most sugar babies are usually the large cities and especially those with colleges and universities.

Keep in mind that bigger cities have a higher cost of living, so if you are negotiating an arrangement, expect to pay more if your sugar baby is paying rent in New York City instead of Augusta, Maine.


How much you can expect to pay a sugar baby ranges from a few hundred dollars all the way up to several thousand.

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