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Are you ready for your first ever sugar date? Or is it a first date with a new potential sugar daddy? Here are the top Sugar Baby Tips and things you must know before you head out on the date.

Get to know as much as you can about your date

You can ask him questions on the phone or on text and tell him about yourself too. However don’t give him any personal sensitive information. Reverse search his name and number to see if you can find out more about him. It is for your own personal safety. See if you can find his social media accounts to get an idea about his lifestyle. Search for the restaurant or café you have agreed to meet at to know more about the place.

Don’t divulge too much

Don’t send him any intimate photos with your face before you meet him or getting any payment. Protect yourself by being discreet and adding a bit of mystery to things.

Discuss allowance expectations before the first date

It can be easier to discuss money related topics on text rather than in person. You can tell him about your expectations for an allowance or the type of gifts you would expect. However don’t come off as someone who is only interested in the money and not interested in getting to know him. Be flexible about allowance requirements and don’t push him to finalise anything before meeting you.

Don’t expect to be paid for the meet and greet

While the meet and greet is essentially a first date, don’t ask him specifically to pay you for the time you spend at the first date. However it can be a good way to find out whether he is a generous person.

You should be realistic about your allowance expectations

Have realistic allowance expectations, provide a range if you are in doubt with the lower end of the range being the allowance you are expecting. That way you can later ask for gift cards, gifts, salon expenses etc.

An allowance needn’t necessarily be monthly

You can ask for a weekly allowance or per-date allowance till he has earned your trust. If a potential sugar daddy offers you a large monthly allowance but will only give you the amount at the end of the month, then be wary. A simple Sugar Baby Tips is to ask him to give you a part of that right away to see how he responds; if he refuses you can be certain he is a fake, plus he’s not going to think you might be trying to rip him off either – trust must be built on both sides.

Contact information

How you contact him can depend on how much discretion you expect in the relationship. Remember that he can use your phone number to get more information about you like your full name and address, use a burner phone or an app that can make untraceable phone calls. Another option is to use a Skype account that doesn’t have your real name.

Sugar Baby Tips: Photo safety

Remember how we said you should search him up online, he can do that too. Reverse searching of photos is fairly easy and he can find your social media and other details. Have a set of photos for your sugar dating life that you haven’t uploaded on your social networks to prevent such incidents. Remember that you photos can also contain confidential data; use your phone’s settings effectively to prevent geo tagging. Read more photo tips here.


If you are travelling for a meet and greet to a different city, or even if it just the first time you are travelling with or to meet a sugar daddy, insist that the hotel room is booked and paid in your name. Have return tickets sent to you before you embark on the journey and inform a trusted friend about your travel plans.

Trust your instinct

This is the most important tip. No matter what the facts on the surface say, if you are not feeling comfortable in the situation or your gut says something is not okay then don’t risk your safety. It is just not worth it even if he is offering huge amounts of money.

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