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Some sugar babies seem to have all the luck, while others have not yet become a sugar baby since they haven’t found the daddy they wanted. Today we have for you twelve sugar baby tips to to attract successful and rich sugar daddies.

Read these tips and store them away at the back of your mind to use to be the sugar baby that every sugar daddy awaits.

  1. Confidence is Sexy

    In the quest to be desirable, confidence is a key factor. Have confidence in yourself and present your best possible version to your potential sugar daddy. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. Confidence is a good way to attract attention, but beware overconfidence can be off putting.

  2. Intelligence is Sexy

    Intelligence is always valued. Try to be intelligent when you speak, read up on topics of your interest and be passionate about things to endorse. Asking questions and learning from new people is the best way to both project and increase your intelligence. Don’t be afraid to say to say you don’t know about something, always ask to know more if you are uncertain.

  3. Sense of Humour

    Having a sense of humour is an underrated advantage. Everyone loves a good joke, and a relaxed person. Be funny without offending others or being weird. Listen to what your potential sugar daddy has to say and react appropriately. If you respond to him in a positive manner he is more likely to like you back. Of the sugar baby tips, this gets easier (hopefully) the more time you spend with someone.

  4. Watch Your Body Language

    Keep your body language in check. Maintain a good posture and pleasant demeanor. Showcase your happiness at spending time with the person and pay attention to them. Remember that your eye contact and smile can speak way more than your words. Shower him with attention and let him know that you are enjoying your time with him.

  5. A Sincere Smile

    A smile is a curve that can straighten many things. Have an easy smile can make you seem like a genuine person. Don’t smile a fake smile but be genuine in your expression, if you don’t agree with something, say so in a polite manner. Smile with not just your mouth but your eyes too. If you are talking to him on the phone for the first time, smile, he can hear it in your voice.

  6. You Can Be Vulnerable

    Showcase yourself as a mature person and don’t be afraid to bring your vulnerable side out. But don’t be more vulnerable than required or you will be seen as an immature person. Being kind is extremely important. Remember that while you are sugar baby you don’t have to act like a real baby

  7. Conversation is an Art

    Learn how to carry a good conversation. Part of that also includes listening. It is very important to listen when the other person is talking. Remember that not everything in the world is about you. Care truly about what the other person says or it will seem like a fake and forced conversation. Be the amazing girl who he had a good conversation with rather than just a beautiful girl he met.

  8. Live in the Moment

    Be as engaged in the conversation as you can. When you are with him devote your undivided attention to the time you are spending together. Don’t use your phone constantly or indulge in other distracting things. Always be punctual and dress appropriately for the date. Don’t overdo anything. Don’t embarrass yourself or him with your words or actions in public. Be the best version of yourself and try to make him feel comfortable around you. The more comfortable he feels, the more likely he is to want to see you again. This is one of the harder sugar baby tips to follow every time, but keep it in the back of your head.

  9. Kind is Easy

    Being kind is always important. A small act of kindness can go a long way in making a good impression

  10. Sincere

    Be sincere and honest. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. No one likes a fake, try to be true to your own self by being the real you. You don’t need to put up a façade or pretend to be someone you would like to be.

  11. No Gossip

    Don’t gossip about anyone. Learn to keep secrets. If your sugar daddy shares something with you in private, keep it so. Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship and is especially vital in sugar relationships. Of  all the sugar baby tips here, this one is probably the most important.

  12. A Touch of Mystery

    Don’t bare all, some mystery is always interesting. Don’t be the person who he knows every single detail about, because you have told him everything. You need not hide anything but leaving some things unsaid is a great way to bond later. Proceed with a great attitude and be the sugar baby all men dream about.

Sugar Baby Tips: The Closing

Yes, we know some of these sound like there where written for a different time, but as the saying goes, class doesn’t have an age. While being true to yourself and your values is the most important thing in sugar relationships, there are times when you have to be absolutely clear that something is not Kosher, and lots of other times when a bit of charm and tact can solve a problem, without causing more problems down the line.

As a guy who would have made a great Sudardaddy once said, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” – Sir Winston S. Churchill.

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