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This week we’ve got a list of sugar baby tips to get you off on the right foot when sugar dating, starting with your profile, messaging and some sugar baby first date tips.

Sugar Baby Tips for Your Profile:

Here are some sugar baby tips you should remember when writing your sugar baby site profile:

  • Describe: Be descriptive about the things you like, hobbies you have, and your personality traits. Also, be descriptive about the kind of person you are looking for but don’t sound unrealistic and entitled.
  • Be upfront: If you are looking for a certain type of man or a certain amount of allowance per month be upfront about it on your profile. You can save time and effort.
  • Profile picture: Have a clear and appropriate profile picture. If you don’t wish to put your face photo as your profile photo you could consider a long shot or a photo with your face slightly blurred. Don’t put a photo of yourself in a bikini as your profile photo as it attracts creeps and people looking for escort services rather than a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Good English: Use easy to understand and clear casual English while avoiding misspelling words. Don’t type in all caps since it makes you sound like you are screaming.
  • Don’t lie on your profile. Don’t lie about something only to have your potential sugar daddy catch you out when you meet him. It makes you look dishonest and can scream ‘not trustworthy’. For more, see our sugar baby profile tips guide.

When you are looking at sugar daddies’ profiles, look for members who have a premium paid subscription. If they are ready to pay a premium to be on the site, they are most likely rich and genuine.

(Note: as of January 2021, the membership prices have increased for Daddies – that’s hopefully good news for you!)

Also, look for sugar daddies with pictures though there are enough good daddies without profile pictures. If you request a picture and he doesn’t send you one then you should be sceptical. Also, look for people who have a well written ‘about me’ section and ‘looking for’ section of their Seeking Arrangement profile. You can bring up hobbies or activities he mentioned as a way to break the ice in your first conversation.

Sugar Baby Tips for Messaging:

Good English: Here too, good English and choice of words is very important. You can understand a lot about a person from there language. The message you want to send across is that you are classy and bad English can hinder that. Unless your potential sugar daddy is a foreigner, you should be sceptical of terribly formed sentences. While the occasional typo can be ignored, if something doesn’t seem right, trust your instincts.

When someone sends you a long email or message, don’t reply if a small sentence. Send them a reply that addresses all points in their email to make them feel like you have actually read it and care enough to reply. Another pointer is to actually read the profile of your potential sugar daddy and use information from that when you talk to him.

Sugar Baby Tips for Your Sugar Baby Dates

  • Dress well – Keep it classy. Wear classy clothes and have fresh makeup applied. Remember you don’t need to wear revealing clothes in order to make someone like you. Having well-combed hair and brushing teeth is also very important. Don’t overdo the perfume but choose a light fragrance and wear good shoes.
  • Be polite – No one likes rude and ungrateful people. Be polite to everyone you encounter when you are with him and not just your potential sugar daddy. However, don’t fake it since it can be easy for anyone with experience to spot a faker. Be a better version of yourself than you usually are, but don’t someone you aren’t.  Don’t get bored easily or be boring either. Talk about topics that you find he is interested if, if a topic doesn’t seem to be something he enjoys talking about, don’t bring it up. Don’t ask for payment right away either, you don’t want to seem like a greedy person, wait from him to bring up the subject or discuss before the date over email. If you aren’t particularly interested in a potential sugar daddy, be honest about it and don’t lead him on.
  • Don’t bother with him unnecessary problems or try to make hay while the sun shines by milking him for a lot of money. Be realistic and practical. If the amount he is ready to give you is not enough, then try explaining politely why you feel you deserve better. Also, no one likes a cling and possessive sugar baby. Calling him all the time and texting every single minute of the day is not really going to do much. Remember that absence sometimes makes the heart grow fonder.
  • If there is any aspect of his life that he chooses to not talk about, don’t demand to know more. If he is married and doesn’t want to talk about his family then don’t ask him about it. If he doesn’t want to tell you a lot about his work then don’t ask questions about his work life. Don’t take anything for granted and always be grateful. If you starting acting entitled and using the money you are receiving from your sugar daddy to last forever you could be in trouble. Always remember that he is older than you, he doesn’t necessarily have to be right about everything, but always be respectful and show your gratitude to him in all ways possible.
  • Be Safe. If this is the first date with a sugar daddy, use the same checklist you’d use if you where dating anyone else, like letting a friend know where you’re going (if they’re not in the loop, you’re just seeing a guy – enough said), arrange for them to text you at some point, meet in a public place like a mall or coffee shop, and always trust your gut.

Bonus: Alcohol in the Sugar Lifestyle

Going on a first sugar date can be scary; you don’t want to come off as a real ‘baby’ or as terribly young for your sugar daddy because of your tastes and choices. This could mean sometimes ordering a drink you don’t really love just to seem more ‘grown-up’ and mature.  Sugar baby tips: The role of alcohol in sugar relationships is one that can take any shape or form depending on the people involved.

If a potential sugar daddy orders a bottle of expensive wine then it can be a good idea to drink a glass before ordering another drink of your choice. Wine is usually seen as a stable drink of choice for dates and can be an easy option too, but what if you don’t like that red wine your potential sugar daddy seems to love? Simply order your beverage of choice instead, your sugar daddy is more likely to be happy you were honest rather than be miffed with your choice.

Sometimes a potential sugar daddy can quickly understand that you aren’t enjoying the drink, while some others don’t catch on so fast, don’t feel guilty to go ahead and order that glass of still water if that is all you are desperately seeking.  However, if you are someone who enjoys your vino and knows all about wine pairings then go ahead and flaunt your knowledge without coming off as an arrogant person.

Some sugar daddies are heavy drinkers and prefer stronger alcoholic beverages to wine. Chances are older sugar daddies have been around the bar scene a while and have really gotten to know their drinks well. If a sugar daddy doesn’t like a girl who can’t down tequila shots like water then the problem is his not yours. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, including going overboard with the drinking. Remember, an important sugar baby tips is that it is important to stay vigilant and active during your first date, the last thing you want to be is a drunken mess.

Remember that alcohol can impact your life and your sugar daddy’s too. If you don’t seem to find common ground with your potential SD or realize that you just aren’t compatible then it will not work out since this is a person you are going to be spending a lot of time with.

Like always the best advice here too is to be your true self. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t or like something you don’t because you will probably need to keep up the charade in the future if the date goes well. When it is time to order your drink, go with your heart and order what you really would like to drink.

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