Canadian Students Turn to Sugar Baby Websites to Help Pay Bills, Tuition?




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The world of ‘sugar’, which is how sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are referred to, is now flourishing more than ever. The number of students seeking out for an older sugar daddy on sugar baby websites to help pay their tuition and other bills is higher than it has been. If reports are to be believed then one in every 10 Canadian students are looking for sugar daddies.

The increase of tuition fees and the lower rates of employment among millennial youth have led to this phenomenon growing, experts said. While dating an older person or a sugar daddy relationship is not a new type of relationship the reliance on these relationships by young college level students is on the rise.

An average sugar daddy is typically defined as a rich older person who lavishes his sugar baby with gifts, cash and other life necessities in exchange for her companionship. However it is an open secret that the sugar baby often offers him more than emotional companionship by being physically intimate but being in a more meaningful relationship than a man could find with an a traditional sex worker. Setting your expectations is important when creating a profile of course, so you attract the kind of guys looking for the same things.

Sugar baby websites: example of a SeekingArrangement profile
Example of typical Seeking Arrangement sugar baby profile.

According to the popular sugar dating platform Seeking Arrangement, over 206,800 students are registered on their sugar baby website. These sugar babies have mutually beneficial relationships with older and financial better off men. Out of the students registered on the site 40 percent are pursuing post-secondary degrees.

However the sites statistics are not really what we would expect them to be. For example the average age of a sugar daddy on sugar baby Websites like Seeking Arrangement is only 38 which certainly seems a far cry from the aging bald octogenarian we pictured.


Sugar Baby Websites: Not What You’d Expect

Also many sugar babies registered on the site are quick to add a disclaimer that they are not interested in sex, only emotional intimacy. Sugar daddies seek all aspects of a traditional relationship without the hassles that come with it. This could mean a wide variety of things and different expectations for different people. The transaction is like a working relationship with both parties knowing what to expect and having a clear idea of what they can or will provide in exchange for their requests.

Guys are getting into it as well, as sits like Seeking Arrangement are, like society at large, quite comfortable with gay sugar daddies as well – it’s as simple as entering your preference when signing up.

So why is the sugar baby economy rising? (Yes, there is such a thing as a sugar baby economy). Experts feel the downturn in the Canadian economy along with the rising costs of higher education, rent, food etc is driving young students to take the sugar baby path.

While being a sugar baby is still considered a taboo in most societies it is lucrative and much easier than the employment opportunities available to students.  The website SeekingArrangement reports that the average allowance given monthly by sugar daddies is around $2700 and that is not including gifts or clothes, accessories, perfumes etc.

The website released its rankings of Canadian universities that have students registered on the site. The University of Alberta topped the list for new registrations in Canada, with 138 new students joining in 2016. Calgary’s two universities have lower numbers of members with around 90 members from Mount Royal University and 47 from the University of Calgary.

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