Sugar Daddy Today: Less Likely to Die of Heart Disease





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Research has finally proved what Sugar daddies have long believed. According to new data, a sugardaddy is less likely to die of heart disease than an average single person or a person in a traditional relationship.

It had earlier been believed that men with a stable family life and men who had a partner and children would likely be healthier than those who were single. However this is now proved false in the case of men who are involved in the sugar daddy lifestyle since they enjoy benefits that are similar to those who are relationships with fewer of the hassles.

A sugar lifestyle website conducted a poll which revealed that around 78 percent of sugardaddys suggested that freedom of relationship was the main factor in their choosing the sugar life. 15 percent of sugar daddies admitted that they would like to be married but don’t want the pressure that comes with a traditional married lifestyle while 7 percent of sugar daddies said they were unhappily married and were using the sugar daddy lifestyle to blow off some steam. The sugar daddy lifestyle has served as an outlet for stress for most of the users of the website.

Health statistics data has suggested that a leading cause of death among men was heart disease. Experts claim that this can be due to lifestyle choices and modern day stress due to work and relationships. Successful sugar daddy relationships can actually help alleviate stress levels and make a person more likely to be relaxed which could lead to staying away from diseases of the heart.

Another angle to this is that loneliness is often a cause of stress and depression in many adults. While people in stable married relationships are less likely to suffer from loneliness and depression as a result of being lonely, here too sugar daddies stand to benefit as they do not suffer from loneliness thanks to the presence of sugar baby in their life. Many experts also claim that being in the presence of a younger person also gives the sugar daddy inspiration and motivation to stay fit and take care of their health better.

In another poll that aimed to find out whether sugar daddies were ever lonely, 69 percent of sugar daddies surveyed said they were never lonely while 21 percent said they occasionally felt lonely in spite of the sugar daddy lifestyle. Only 10 percent of people polled said they had not really thought about it.

An unhappy marriage can be a lot more difficult to get out of than a sugar relationship that is not going right for you. So the flexibility that sugar relationships offer both the sugar daddies and the babies can often be a lot less stressful than other relationships. If there is one key thing to take away from this, it is that staying happy and doing what makes you happy is usually the best way to be healthy.

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