Sugar Daddy Advice: When Is It Time to End Your Sugar Relationship?




End Your Sugar Relationship


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‘Happily ever after’ is not a phrase that can translate well into real life relationships. Just like other relationships, sugar relationships too can bring along with them their share of heartache and confusion. This week we have some Sugar Daddy advice on signs it’s time to end your sugar relationship.

Ending a sugar relationship can be difficult for both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy and can sometimes be a topic that isn’t easy to approach, especially since there is money involved.

But if you have realized that the relationships isn’t sweet anymore and is slowly turning bitter or is so sickeningly sweet that you desperately need a bite of some saltine crackers, then you should deal with it and get a head start on ending the relationship.

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If Your Sugar Partner Is Abusive

Probably the number one easy reason to end your sugar relationship.  If your sugar relationship has abuse in it in any form, then it is time to get right out of it. Remember that abuse needn’t only be physical but can be emotional too. A physically abusive relationship is one that you should leave right away and have the authorities informed if necessary, similarly an emotionally abusive relationship can be just as bad. While the scars of emotional abuse may not be visible physically they can be a lot deeper than you think, don’t ignore them and know when to leave.

Tip: Seeking Arrangement does have a block option if someone contacts you after you’ve broken things off. Also, limit how much personal information (including home address) you share with your partner at least until you get to know them awhile.  We recommend, at least at the start, use a “burner phone” or other messaging that protects your privacy.

Your Sugar Partner Wants You to Do Something You Aren’t Comfortable With

If you aren’t comfortable with something your sugar partner want you to do, you shouldn’t hesitate to saying goodbye. Sure, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement and you are getting paid, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to make you do something you don’t want to. This could be something intimate that you aren’t comfortable with or something else in the relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable and there seems to be no easy way to resolve. While your probably thinking bedroom adventures, this could also be anything like asking you to sign as a guarantor for a loan  or anything illegal (such as obtaining prescription drugs, which have replaced cocaine and other traditional party drugs among Millennials).

Tip: Try and talk to your sugar partner about things that make you feel uncomfortable, sometimes a partner doesn’t realize the potential risks of certain activities (like providing drugs, or certain sexual activities), or maybe those activities are common in their circle of friends, and they don’t see it as being unusual. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to end things.

The Entitled Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy

Some sugar daddies have mentioned they have met a few entitled sugar babies who only meet them when they want something or when they feel the need to. Such a scenario means a sugar daddy should say bye to the baby without any guilt. If the sugar baby only contacts you when she is free or has the time to spare, or doesn’t seem to make any effort to know more about you or your schedule then it is time to bid her goodbye. Of course this goes both ways, if you sugar daddy expects just sex each time you go out, and that’s not what you agreed to, then it’s time to pack things in.

Tip: Remember, before you end your sugar relationship, that both sugar partners must be clear about their expectations. If you agree to meet a certain number of times a month or agreed your arrangement would include regular restaurant dates, theatre shows, travel and other perks, and it’s not happening, it’s time to talk.

You Don’t Really Like Your Sugar Partner

This is definitely a reason to end your sugar relationship. Sugar partners should enjoy each other’s company. While in many ways a sugar deal is like a business transaction, a sugar relationship is also similar to a real relationship and if you don’t get a good vibe, then it is bye-bye baby. You will be better off with someone who actually enjoys your company.

Tip: Is what you don’t like like about them something they can change or not. Maybe you need to agree not to talk politics (or other third rail topics)? Is it something about their grooming or hygiene that can be changed? On the other hand, maybe it can’t, and then it’s time to move on.

You Like Them Too Much

This is a tricky one for the guys and girls, because what is great in a regular relationship isn’t always ideal in a sugar one. While it’s certainly possible for a sugar relationship to grow into something else, they often don’t, either because of a spouse or other partner, or the simple fact that people in sugar relationships might be in them because they aren’t looking for a traditional relationship.

Tip: Similar to those seeking platonic arrangements, put something like “NSA only or no strings attached relationships” in your Seeking Arrangement profile. Also, when you meet, do mention again that you don’t want things to get serious.

End Your Sugar Relationship: The Break-Up

First of, try and end things on a good note, if safe to. Best thing to do is try and give hints ahead of time (like weeks, not the morning before obviously), nobody likes surprises like that. Do it in a public place, that lessens the change of a blow-up or dangerous situation.

What about the money? This is difficult, and depends on how things are between you and your partner, but if it’s an allowance, agree to keep it going for a month or so. If you’ve been on a per-meeting agreement, probably the decent thing to do is make it more generous than usual – something to tie her over until her next arrangement.

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