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While identify theft scams like this are not exclusive to sugar daddy websites, or even dating websites in general, there are a few sugar daddy scams to watch out for, and identify theft is one. Read on for some tips on how to avoid.

When you like a potential sugar daddy online and decide to meet him in person it can be the first of many such dates. However it could also be a dud date, one question that many sugar babies seem to have is when to trust a sugar daddy enough to provide your details for financial transactions. For other types of daddies to avoid on sits like Seeking Arrangement (and sugar baby sites in general) see our article on sugardaddies to avoid.

Identity theft is not uncommon anymore and the last thing you want is a potential sugar daddy turning out to be a scammer.  Basically it’s when your personal details are used to commit a fraud such as opening an bank account in your name or taking out a loan. Don’t give out details that are personal and financial details that can be used by a scammer to steal your data and thus your identity.

Sugar Daddy Scams: What Financial Information Should You Be Sharing?

So how much do you actually disclose to a potential sugar daddy? If a potential or brand new sugar daddy wants your bank account details to send you money you could suggest using PayPal to send across the allowance. If he wants your bank account details, social security number and bank password then you should run far away from him. Identity theft is one of the growing sugar daddy scams, but you can avoid it if you ask yourself why the information is needed. For other ways to receive your allowance, see this article.

A dishonest person can use your details for many illegal things or not use them right away but use them later to blackmail you when things go south. If such a person has your social security number he can use it to get other personal information and even secure credit in your name.

Try to stay as safe as possible by being cautious but don’t let it get in the way of your mutually beneficial relationship by mistrusting him right from the beginning. Maybe he too is trying to be safe and discreet. However, if you feel something is off or your gut instinct about a person is not a positive one, then stay away from them even if they are offering you everything you ever dreamed off. Remember that if something is too good to be true it probably is.

Scammers can be very convincing and can get you to believe that they need your personal details for their tax return or legal purposes. Remember that your financial details are yours only and they are not required to furnish anything that isn’t theirs. If a sugar daddy asks for your bank internet login and password to check if their transfer has arrived then stay far away from him and tell him you can check it yourself.

If you want to transact with someone you haven’t met, then using a service like PayPal is better than other methods, if you are meeting this person you could request for cash or a PayPal transaction.

Remember that a person you have just met most likely doesn’t have your best interests at heart if they want your financial and personal details. Give them your email address to PayPal you the money, if they seem adamant about only using a bank transfer or claim that they don’t have a PayPal account don’t fall into their trap, request for hard cash instead and see how they react. Say that you don’t like to give out your financial details, if they make it an issue and suggest you don’t trust them, insist that they can give you their credit card details to buy something online and that you will still not give them your bank account details. Sugar daddy scams are easy to avoid if you use your head – why is this information required? Is there another way like using Interac or even just getting the money in cash or via a Visa gift card.

Online Protection

However once your relationship progresses to a place where you trust the person and have already received several good payments from him you could consider giving him your bank account number to send direct deposits. Even then remember to never ever give away your password.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid daddy scammers on Seeking Arrangement and remember to trust your gut – if something just doesn’t seem right, maybe it’s not. Now go out and have some sugar fun!

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