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If you’re a guy who is curious about the sugar dating scene, you want to know what kinds of things work and ways not to waste your money on the wrong people.

In this article, we’ll provide some tips about figuring out if sugar dating is for you.

How Do I Succeed as a Sugar Daddy?

A couple of things to keep in mind are:

  1. Decide what you are really looking for. Are you looking for quick flings, are you looking for a younger partner for the long term or something in between?
  2. Pick a well-known sugar website, but consider signing up for more than one. Right now, there are a few well know ones:
    • is the oldest and probably best known, its membership price reflects this.
    • SugarDaddyMeet is popular with guys because of the lower cost than Seeking and still plenty of women on the platform.
    • SecretBenefits has verification videos. The good news is it’s free to sign-up and view profiles. It only costs money to message people. The reason is ladies might have profiles on several websites and are post different pictures, so you get a better idea of who worth your time.
  3. Put some work into your profile. This is your calling card, and a lot of guys are pretty lazy, so you should be able to out-compete them. We’ve written an article on photo tips here and how to write a good description here. When you’re writing yours, remember what you are looking for. If you are looking for something casual, say it in a way that sounds fun, not creepy. Long term? Mention that some women are looking for a steady guy.
  4. Don’t waste too much time online. A lot of people start talking online, and things just don’t go anywhere. People on sugar dating websites are looking to get together and start an arrangement, not a pen pal. Try and get together for a coffee or some kind of public meeting if you feel like you have kind of a connection. This shows you’re serious and also helps avoid some kinds of scammers.
  5. Don’t just throw money around. Unfortunately, while most people on sugar websites are looking to date, there are many scams. Here are a couple of tips:
    • Ignore people from outside your area. That Brazilian supermodel or the cute single mom on the other side of the country who found your profile by chance is not real.
    • Don’t send money to someone you’ve only talked to online. Sometimes this happens after you’ve chatted for a few days, they say there’s an emergency, and they need a few hundred dollars, or maybe you’re meeting up, and they have problems with their car. Don’t do it.
  6. Have the “money talk” early on, so you can move to the fun stuff. Ideally, you might have talked a bit about expectations before meeting, but if not, you’ve met, and you’ve decided this is someone you want to start an arrangement with, it’s best to talk about what you can provide her and what are looking for. This is a bit uncomfortable for people, especially for those new to sugar dating, but it’s better to get expectations discussed and agreed to so there’s no disappointment or surprises later.

You might also ask yourself if sugar dating is not for you. I couple of things you might consider are:

  • Are you looking for a real long-term relationship? Sugar dating is probably not going to lead to marriage.
  • It does require more money than regular dating. Unlike regular dating, women usually join sugar sites because they need financial help. If you don’t have some disposable income, it’s probably not going to work.

What Is a Reasonable Amount for a Sugar Baby?

This is one of those “it depends” questions. Realistically it can range all the way from $300 for an occasional meet-up to $2-$3,000 for an ongoing arrangement. Some of the factors include:

  • What are you looking for in terms of a time commitment? Are you expecting to meet a few times a week or once a month? Are you looking for overnight stays or a quickie get-together in the middle of the week?
  • What are your expectations about activities? Obviously, if you’re looking for platonic dinner dates, she shouldn’t expect the same as for a night of passion that would make Christian Grey blush.
  • What are her expectations and needs? Women join sugar sites for different reasons, her needs, both financial and emotional, are going to have to be met too for an arrangement to work. When you’re having conversations early on, you should ask why they decided to join the site, and you’ll get a better idea what some of her needs are. Usually, needs range from needing to solve an immediate financial need (like a credit card bill), the desire to elevate their lifestyle (she’d probably appreciate some travel or at least some shopping trips); shes looking for a mentor to help her career or maybe a combination of all three.

We’ve written a whole article on the costs of having a sugar baby here.

How Much Do Most Sugar Daddies Make?

A lot of guys figure you need to be a CEO or some kind of tech millionaire to consider being a sugar daddy. Truth is, while there are certainly older sugar daddies in their 50s and younger super-rich guys, sugar daddies come in all age groups and income is only one factor.

According to a study by Seeking, their data says younger men in their 20s are more represented on the site than those in their 40s, and that means that most 20-something guys are banking probably closer to $50,000 a year than $500,000. If you’re interested in what kinds of guys become sugar daddies, we’ve got an article here on why guys become sugar daddies.


The secret of sugar daddy success comes down to knowing what you are looking for and being able to find the people who can meet your needs while meeting her needs too.

Once you get that, The World Is Yours!

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