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If you have been in the sugar bowl for a while then you can probably tell a seasoned sugar baby from sugar virgins (or newbie if you prefer). While some sugar daddies prefer a more experienced sugar baby some like to spend their time and money on a sugar baby who is new to the world of sugaring. Don’t write off a newbie sugar baby here are some tips on how to deal with one.

Note, be clear here, we’re talking about “inexperienced in sugar dating” when we say “sugar virgin” not actually inexperienced in dating, though sometimes that comes hand in hand.  For that one, I found this article matched my experiences.

What if she doesn’t know what she is looking for?

Sometimes it can seem like a sugar baby isn’t really sure of what she is looking for from a sugar relationship or isn’t familiar with the sugar lifestyle at all. If that is the case then it can be quite frustrating to not know what she is actually expecting. Speaking to her in clear terms and understanding what she is expecting can be the best way to move forward. Don’t force her to commit to anything she may not be ready for. Don’t put too much time or money into that sugar relationship right away until you know what she is actually comfortable with and ready for. Maybe she just needs some time to adjust to her new sugar lifestyle.

What if she makes you feel like she is into this only for the money?

No sugar daddy should feel like a pile of cash. Some older sugar babies can become overly ambitious and entitled. Don’t say goodbye right away but seeking out newbie sugar virgins is actually a great solution for this since they are more likely to devote their time and affection on you without thinking only of the monetary benefits. While it is important to remember that this is a mutually beneficial relationship, having a newer sugar baby can be a great way to feel appreciated.

What if her messages online seem fake or copy-pasted?

If she can’t take the time to type out a message to you, chances are she is not really interested but just fishing and has sent the same message to every sugar daddy in her radius. While often sugar virgin can do this out of desperation or lack of knowing what else they can do it is wise to avoid such a person until you know you can connect with them on some level.

Don’t give up on the sugar virgin just yet!

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