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Being a sugar baby is a career choice in itself, it comes with a nice pay packet, perks like vacations, gifts and help to handle all types of expenses you may incur. Yet many sugar babies don’t want to leave their real career behind and would like to put their education to good use. It can be difficult for a woman to be a star if she doesn’t have a job and only has to rely on her income from sugaring, though some sugar babies do manage it well.

Using the sugar life to advance your career is an idea that has been around since time immemorial; having a good relationship with the boss of your company is more likely to make him remember you are up for a promotion to the next level. Using a mutually beneficial relationship to further your career is a short cut to reach your destination, but you still have to work hard and have a great work ethic to go further.

Career driven women aim to reach places where it is difficult to, and sometimes hard work and being a great worker is just not enough, a great personality and having friends in all the right places is extremely important. Having good communication skills can help take you places, most experts say.

While finding career opportunities by using your sugar daddy’s influence and circle of friends is great, be subtle and not too open about it since you don’t want to attract the wrong type of attention. Gossip spreads faster than wildfire and the last thing you want is to have colleagues sniggering behind your back so try to be diplomatic and deal with everyone well but remember that it is not possible to please everyone. The naysayers will soon stop once they realize you are in a position of authority over them.

A leading sugar dating website recently conducted a survey about sugar babies in the workplace and the types of jobs held by them. Here are the results based on the sugar babies’ country:

Australia: Marketing Directors and Financial Analysts

The financial arena is the job sector of choice for Australian sugar babies who seem to know that being good with finances pays off in the long run. Since many sugar daddies are in the financial industry they find it relatively easier to help their sugar babies secure jobs in the same arena.

Canada: Finance Managers and Accountants

Canadian sugar babies too understand the importance of the financial sector. They reported that they found work in the manufacturing and exports related industries apart from accounts and financial divisions of all types of companies. Since trust is very important when it comes to finances, sugar daddies would prefer to have a trusted aide in a top financial position rather than a newbie.

Colombia: Secretaries and Project Engineers

Sugar babies in this Latin American location said they managed construction projects and were also working as engineers in these engineering companies apart from some of them being secretaries to CEOs.

United Kingdom: Chief Executives and Business Advisors

Many sugar babies in the U.K reported that they own their businesses and were able to get financial support to start up from their sugar daddies. Some of them also function as advisors to top businessmen and are strategists.

United States: Lawyers and Sales Managers

The U.S. has a huge number of sugar babies and they reported to working for all types of jobs especially as lawyers and sales managers. Sales managers need the personality skills that sugar babies often posses which make them ideal for the role. Similarly sugar daddies prefer to hire their sugar babies as their legal assistants and advisors.

If you use your sugar daddy’s contacts and experience to help push along your career, you should be grateful to him and offer your presence and kindness in return. But whether you seek the help of a sugar daddy to advance your career or not, remember that the journey is yours and the destination too.

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