Sugarbaby Dating: Best Five Things Bartenders Want to Tell You





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Bartenders have seen it all. The first dates, the last dates, the fun friends’ night out that extends into a two person date, sugarbaby dating, tinder dates, and probably more than one tinder date fail. This makes bartenders the best group to give dating advice. Here are the top tips that they felt everyone should know before heading out on a date.

Sugarbaby Dating: Arrive Early and Order a Drink

Being fashionably late is not so fashionable if your date is upset and your evening starts out on a sour note. Arriving early leaves you time to get comfortable with the place and you could order a drink while you are waiting. Being nice to the waitress and bartender is something that should come naturally to you and is especially important on a first date. Beware of those who are rude to the staff, chances are they aren’t a nice person.

Water IS a Drink

You don’t want to be drunk when you are getting to know your date. Pace out your drinks and order water to stay hydrated. Being wasted before your first date ends can send out a terribly wrong message. Don’t order for your date until they request you choose, making a suggestion is totally fine though. If your date wants to do more shots and you aren’t up for it decline politely.

Don’t Be Boring When Ordering Your Drink

While water is absolutely important it shouldn’t be the only drink you are cradling that evening. Bartenders feel that a person’s choice of drink can tell others a lot about their personality so whether you’re a whiskey drinker or a martini type of person, be bold in your choice and stay as true to your real nature as you can. Where it’s sugarbaby dating or a regular date you still want your date to have a positive impression of you without thinking you are trying to impress them.

Pick a Place You Know

Choosing a restaurant or bar that you are comfortable with can make you feel more relaxed on a first date or even just date night. That said, maybe don’t pick your regular spot, depending on how discreet you want to be, pick somewhere you know, but don’t frequent, or consider a chain restaurant or bar, since they’re fairly uniform regardless of location. Picking a place which has a vibe you identify with can bring out your real persona and make you more relatable. If your date has picked the place, you could consider googling it to know more about the ambiance and menu before you arrive.

Sugarbaby Dating Top Safety Tip: Ask for Help If You Are Uncomfortable

While this is especially true for women who don’t feel safe on their first date or if the stranger you are meeting turns out to be scary or just plain weird it can also be used in situations where you want to get out of a situation before it spirals downwards. Ask for help and you will most likely receive it, most bartenders say. See our article on safety  and dos and don’ts for more tips.

With this in mind, every sugar dating experience starts with first real meeting, and a few drinks and some food in a comfortable public space is a good way to get to know someone – have fun.

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