Sugarbaby Dating: Mistakes You Might Be Making in the Sugar Bowl





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The sugar bowl is usually an amazing place, filled with candy and lollies, however sometimes you can come across a salty personality who can ruin your experience. Today we have tips for sugarbaby dating to prevent any mistakes you could make; you don’t want to be a ‘salt’ personality just as much as you don’t want to encounter one right?

Sugarbaby Dating, Mistakes Sugarbabies Should Avoid Making

Asking for allowance right off the bat

Sugarbaby dating is about mutually beneficial relationships and it is absolutely fine to expect a good allowance. However, asking for an allowance or demanding a hefty sum of money right after you meet your potential sugar daddy can be a huge turn off. Don’t expect immediate cash before meeting up with him for a date. If he slides over an envelope to cover gas costs, accept it graciously but don’t demand more. Don’t complain about your expenses or how you don’t have enough money to for something before you establish a certain level of trust with him. Be aware of what kind of ‘rich’ your potential sugar daddy is, there are many things that give you clues right from the restaurant he chooses, the watch he wears or even the car he drives. Remember that a good sugar daddy is looking for a relationship and not someone to throw their money away at. If something seems too good to be true or doesn’t quite add up then know that it is okay to head out.

Not turning up for an arranged meeting or turning up very late

Wealthy sugar daddies stay rich because they work hard and their time is precious, as is yours. Not turning up for a date after you have promised to or going very late because you took longer to get your hair done than expected is not going to make you seem attractive at all. If you feel a connection with a potential sugar daddy after talking to him online, then arrange to meet him and arrive punctually. You may need to move things around in your schedule a bit but understand that you must set priorities. You might feel a bit tired if you have an early morning the next day but can probably make up for it later. Don’t expect your sugar daddy to only meet you when it is convenient for you but try and accommodate his busy schedule.

Not being honest and open about your expectations

Honest is the best policy and it is especially true in sugar relationships. Being open and honest to your potential sugar daddy can be the best way to get to know him better. However, honesty doesn’t mean handing over your social security number and second cousin’s work details, it means that you should on your seeking arrangement profile, or in person, be upfront about any expectations you may have or anything that is a deal breaker for you.

Sugarbaby Dating, Mistakes Sugar Daddies Should Avoid Making

Not bringing up allowance early in the relationship

Remember that sugar relationships are mutually beneficial relationships and the onus is on the daddy to bring up the subject of an allowance.  After you have established a feeling of mutual chemistry and decided that you like her, quickly suggest a weekly allowance. Mentioning the financial aspect of the relationship early on makes her more comfortable to deal with you and less likely to think you are a scammer sugar daddy. If you decide you don’t want to spend more time with a potential sugar baby after the first date, offer her gas charges for the day and a nice dessert in addition to the meal. If you are hesitant to discuss money on the first date, you could consider sorting this out by text before you meet or after the first date.

Not making your potential sugar baby feel comfortable during the first ‘date’

The first date is the most important one in any relationship and it is no different in sugar daddy and baby mutually beneficial relationships. Making your date feel comfortable and relaxed is important. Remember that she is likely nervous about meeting you so suggest a place you think would provide a comfortable setting for both of you. Don’t suggest anything over the top or too far away like a trip together before you have met her casually.

 Not being honest about your expectations and the kind of discretion you need

In sugarbaby dating It is very important to be honest about the type of discretion you expect from your sugar baby since every not sugar daddy is the same. Seeking Arrangement make it easy to screen out people outside your budget and vice-versa – use it. Being honest can be beneficial in pretty much every aspect. If you have any specific expectations from your sugar baby, communicating about them upfront can be better than springing surprises.

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