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Are there sugarbaby jobs? well if you mean can you mix sugarlife and building your career then, of course there is, you just have manage the two worlds. 

These days there’s no shortage of stories about millennials finding it hard to get a foot in the door to good jobs, so it’s no surprise the number of millennial women investigating sugardatin (according to some stats, if you did a venn diagram of sugarbabies and millennials, there would be at least a 10% overlap). So why not enlist your sugardaddy is helping you get a foot in the door?

Asking a sugar daddy to help you find a good job or internship could have crossed your mind. But you probably dismissed it since you didn’t want to mix business with pleasure, or rather sugar with work. While some people are looking for a sugar daddy to help you pay the bills, buy luxurious things and live the life that they want, what about thinking of something that will benefit you long-term?

The Bahamas Can Wait

After all, a trip to the Bahamas is nice, but when it’s over it’s over, what about if you could parley a relationship into maybe a foot in the door? or an introduction to people who can help advance your career? This is another aspect to sugar relationships that is often left untapped. Sugar daddies are usually very successful people and can help you reach places in your career that could have otherwise been inaccessible to you.

Having a sugar daddy help you and using their contacts to further your career is not something you should ever feel guilty about. Here’s why:

Sugarbaby Jobs: Making The Connections

In most industries who you know can have a big impact on what you can be. This is especially true for industries like entertainment, fashion or real estate but can also be true for just about any industry. You will learn that knowing and spending time with people of power can mean that you can secure some of that power for yourselves. You aren’t really doing anything that others aren’t doing, remember the guy who joined your company because his uncle played golf with the C.F.O ? or something who is doing something for your company because they went to college with someone? Knowing people only makes it easier to get noticed.

Sugarbaby Jobs: Working hard is important

Your work should talk for you. Remember that while using your connections name while getting a job or a position you prefer is good, it should not be a free pass for you to not work hard since that would make them look just as bad as you. You should constantly update your skills and have a great work ethic that would want people to work with you anyway. If your sugar daddy doesn’t think you would do a great job he would not have recommended you, so go ahead and do a great job.

Sugarbaby Jobs: Hire Me Daddy?

While that might sound like a no-brainer, it’s something that can get messy if either of you decide to end the relationship. There are a number of legal issues (especially for the sugardaddy and/or his company) that might come up, depending on the country you’re in. This isn’t to say you could agree to do housecleaning, dog walking, or similar other jobs, which of course could count as “real income” and maybe lead to references and additional work, but generally stay away from mixing “employee” and “sugarbaby.”

Try Seeking Arrangement for Free

He will be proud

Your sugar daddy will be happy that you are asking for his help. He is also most likely to feel proud when his protégé gets accomplishments. Apart from helping you out financially, your sugar daddy also wants to contribute positively to your life. One of the things people who have never been in sugar baby relationships assume is that they always cold transaction deals, but having someone help you get your career off the ground can be a great experience for both of you.

Managing Expectations

Of course, remember that in many cases sugar relationships are not forever, whether you both one day meet someone outside the sugarbowl, or new job opportunities beckon in other cities, it’s best to talk about how part on good terms.

The connections are forever

Even if you don’t make use of the connections you make right away, you can also utilize them in the future, remember to be nice to everyone and don’t hesitate to meet new people. Networking is essential to pretty much every job out there, even if the job itself is not one where you interact with people. There may be a time in your life when you want to focus on your career and possibly even leave your sugar lifestyle in the past, being prepared for that could help you.

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