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Sugar relationships have been around since time immemorial. However, a relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is not something everyone understands. It can cause confusion and bring about the stigma often attached to prostitution and can be termed as a form of prostitution.

There are differences between sugar relationships and prostitution, and in this article, we are trying to examine them.

Sugar dating is a type of dating where a wealthier older man, known as a sugar daddy, offers financial assistance and gifts to a younger woman in exchange for companionship and physical intimacy. These relationships are mutually beneficial and are formed based on trust and companionship. Unlike prostitutes and clients, a relationship between sugar partners is not just about sex but can also be emotional and intellectual.

The benefits that a sugar daddy receives from a sugar baby are physical and emotional, and physiological, as many sugar daddies say they feel a lot younger with their sugar babies around. Money is often not the only benefit given to a sugar baby. Sugar daddies offer gifts, holidays, shopping trips and spa pampering apart from tuitions and rent money.

Not all Sugar daddy relationships are discreet or kept secret. Many sugar daddies have taken their sugar babies out to social gatherings or even work-related parties.

Prostitution Is About Numbers. Sugar Is About Relationships

However, prostitution is a lot different, and it is basically sex for money. There are no emotions or feelings for each other involved in the relationship, or rather there is no relationship itself. While a prostitute charges on an hourly basis and caters to many clients in a day, a sugar baby does not really charge per meeting, rather charging an allowance or asks for gifts.

Sugar babies don’t meet multiple daddies in a day either and usually have one main sugar daddy that helps fund their education and other expenses. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that can be a long term relationship, just like any other dating relationship. There is no commitment involved in prostitution, and the trust level is just basic since the client does not spend a lot of time with the prostitute. However, in sugar dating, trust is of paramount importance since the sugar baby and daddy spend a great deal of time together. Sugar relationships can even extend for a long time, and some sugar daddies have even wed their long time sugar babies.

While a prostitute and her client have no real relationship and have what is in definition only a transaction, a sugar daddy and his baby have a real relationship with emotional connection. Sugar relationships have real connections, and while it does not follow the rules of traditional dating life, it is more similar to it than a prostitute’s life.

Being a Sugarbaby Is a Not a Career

Being a sugar baby is actually more of a lifestyle choice rather than a full-time profession. Most sugar babies have other full-time activities like college or a job. The sugar dating part of their life replaces the normal dating they would have done otherwise. A sugar baby usually wants to date a financially secure man who can provide her with the lifestyle she expects. When she doesn’t find such a man in her peer group, she turns to sugar lifestyle websites.

When a sugar baby acquires a sugar daddy, she also acquires a mentor and a person who wishes to see her succeed in life. Like any good relationship in sugar dating, too, they wish the best for each other and value the other’s time. Generous sugar daddies can often help out sugar babies turn their life around and help them build a strong future.

The Best Sugar Relationships Should Add to Your Life

Since sugar babies have various other interests and are involved with other things apart from the world of sugar, they can be present in the lives of their sugar daddies and behave like they are in a very normal relationship. They usually have long term goals for their future and often seek extra income from sugaring to help reach there. Prostitutes, however, don’t really have any expertise in other fields and are just looking for quick money from physical activity. While a prostitute can role play and pretend to be your girlfriend, she isn’t, but a sugar baby is pretty much like a girlfriend, and she is usually a lot better than you could have otherwise found.

While the sugar baby lifestyle is a controversial one, we hope you have understood some differences between the oldest profession in the world and the world of sugar, which is not really a profession.

Updated: Along with questions like “Is being a sugar baby illegal?” (no), people ask if there are cops on Seeking Arrangement or other sugar baby websites, or are there or have there been sting operations. The short answer is not that we’ve ever heard of. Essentially it’s generally agreed it would be a lot of effort on the part of police and the Crown (state prosecutors in the US) for essentially a what is a prostitution change. One potential area that might involve the police if a sugar baby is suspected of underage (18 according to the website), hence it’s important to verify age with someone if you suspect they might be a minor – and report their profile to Seeking Arrangement.

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