Sugarbaby vs. The Gold Digger





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Is a sugar baby a gold digger? Or is she rather a goal digger, someone who is using her confidence, personality and looks to reach her career goals? Most men say they prefer goal diggers over gold diggers (I know, shocking) and want to stay far away from the net of a gold digger. So what are the differences between the two?

A gold digger and goal digger both are beautiful women who know they are pretty. They are confident and smart however there ends the similarities, while a gold digger is basically a con artist out to suck out the most she can from a rich person, a goal digger is usually looking for a mutually beneficial relationship where she is an equal contributor.

Spotting a gold digger, (or a professional for that matter) can help prevent stay away from the clutches of one, they can leave behind a mess or a complicated relationship when they are finished and can be selfish and self-absorbed women who are only looking at what they can gain from a relationship.  A person who is more interested in a man’s financials and bank account than in his personality is likely a gold digger. The usual gold digger may bid adieu after she receives gifts that make her happy or a vacation, however, some could even stick around till you literally ask them to leave, especially if they see there is more money where it is coming from.

Sugar babies are not usually gold diggers, they understand the type of relationship they are in, especially if it is a mutually beneficial one, and behave accordingly. They have ambitions and goals in life but are not selfish or ready to do anything without considering the long term future. Usually, a strong person will have a sense of self-respect and self-worth while being open and independent.

To be a strong person is to be a secure person, and goal diggers understand that. They take their own goals seriously while not diminishing other people’s perspectives and ideas. Being a well informed and open-minded individual helps them easily reach places they aim to conquer.

Having a goal digger as a companion can make a sugar daddy more goals oriented and success-oriented too while keeping him on his toes and interested in various topics. It can be easier to make pleasant conversation that can be just mindless chit chat or long business conversations with a well-read person.

The ‘goals’ these Goal diggers have are not shallow materialistic things like shoes or clothes; they aim to build networks, companies or opportunities. The next time you have to choose between a gold digger and a goal digger, you certainly know which way to go. Remember -Not all that glitters is gold.

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