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Being a sugar daddy is a lot of fun. Many sugar daddies claim that they are truly able to enjoy being in a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship because of the minimum work required to be put into the relationship. The young and free feeling that accompanies sugardaddy dating is known to have brought about great things in men. Not only is it absolutely refreshing and motivational to have a beautiful younger woman spending time with you, you could both benefit from the relationship. Today we have compiled for you a list of tips to make the most of your mutually beneficial arrangement.

First Sugardaddy Dating Tip: Be Respectful

Sugar babies should be treated with respect and care to ensure both of you will be much happier in the relationship. Don’t treat her badly or be rude to her because you are paying for her time. Make it a pleasurable experience for both you and the sugar baby.

Identify the Girls Who Only Want the Money, and Weed Them Out

Money forms the basis of many mutually beneficial relationships in the beginning. However, if you feel she is only aiming to make money and is not really bothered about your likes, dislikes or doesn’t bother to get to know you better then it is time to realize that it is much better to be without her. If money is all she can talk about, you should know it is time to make an exit.

Be Clear and Honest

Once you find the perfect sugar baby you have been searching for, it is time to be clear and have a great communication going. If you want her to be honest with you about her requirements and feelings, it is essential to provide her with the foundation of clarity and honesty. Your experience is one of the things that makes sugardaddy dating fun for your partner too. While every relationship is about trust, it can be hard to come by during the early days so have clear and open communication channels is a sure way to keep you both informed about what the other person expects. Remember that she can give you what you want and keep you happy only if knows what is it that you actually want. Don’t lie unnecessarily and resort to false stores when you can just be honest.

Understand Her Requirements and Needs

If you are in a good sugar baby/sugardaddy dating relationship it should be one where both the daddy and the baby are happy. Don’t forget that a sugar baby needs some extra financial help and pampering from time to time. Stick to the promises you made regarding compensation and if you can afford to, give her a little extra gift when you feel she truly deserves it.

Be Ready to Forgive a Few Mistakes

Appreciate her and be grateful. While it is true that you are compensating her for the time spend with you, don’t forget that she is only human. If she makes a mistake, be clear and open about why you would not like it to be repeated again but allow her to bounce back by being forgiving. It is important to remember that your sugar baby is a lot younger than you and does not have all the life experience that you do.

Share Your Wisdom With Her Without Knocking Her Down

Most sugar babies are always willing to learn. Be ready to teach her things you know and help her make decisions without controlling her. Find a shared passion or interest to help you spend quality time together.

Help Her Be Independent

Having an independent sugar baby can actually be a bonus. Not having her totally dependent on you can be a lot better for the sugardaddy dating relationship. This is one reason why it pays to read her seeking arrangement profile – do you want someone who has no job (which means maybe more free time), or someone who is working and while at school, and so she knows the value of money.

Don’t Bring up Her Past

If she is not comfortable talking about her past or her family with you, don’t push her to do that. No one wants to talk much about things that make them vulnerable and hurt. Try to talk about topics that interest both of you and create a good and positive atmosphere. Eventually if you both feel the need to open up about previous relationships you should only talk about it after making sure both are comfortable bringing the subject up.

Keep Yourself Groomed and Dress Well

While it is true that most sugar babies say that looks don’t really matter and it is the person inside the outfit that actually matters, you should still work on looking good. Keeping your much younger sugar baby attracted to you is a lot easier if you pay some attention to your looks. Shower and dress well, exercise to keep yourself looking fit and younger than you really are. Dress in well tailored and well fitting clothes from good brands. You will notice that the more you pay attention to your presentation and looks, your sugar baby too will do so.

Providing Transportation

If your sugar baby does not have a car then it can be a good idea to pick her up from somewhere or offer to pay for a cab. If you are located in another part of the state or country then offer her plane tickets or money for other modes of travelling. Making her pay for her own transport can make you seem like a miser who is not worth the time.

Establish Boundaries and Stick to Them

Boundaries are great for any relationship, but especially so for sugar relationships. Don’t hesitate to tell your sugar baby about the boundaries you want to set especially if discretion is very important to you. Be clear about the method of communication you prefer and whether she can come over to your work place or not. Knowing about boundaries early on in the relationship can help create a better place for both of you. Talk to her about her boundaries as well, as know what she is uncomfortable with.

Stay Away From Drama

Tell her simply that you are not really interested in any type of drama and want to keep things simple. If she seems to be bringing unnecessary drama into your life, then you should know it is time to move on. Along those lines, if you’re sexually active, keep your health in mind, especially if you’re not using protection.

Don’t Offer Her Advice About Everything She Does

Don’t become the person who is always lecturing her about life – this is sugardaddy dating not disappointed parent! Also, don’t make the relationship a one sided one. If she wants to discuss issues with you, keep an open mind but don’t involve yourself too much or it could cause drama in the relationship. If she really needs to talk to someone, you could consider offering her money to speak to a therapist.

Sugardaddy Dating Top Tip: Don’t Share Everything About Yourself

If you are looking for only a short term mutually beneficial relationship it is very important to not reveal too much about your personal life. If you are not comfortable with her knowing where you live you could meet in a hotel or a rented apartment. Don’t bring up sensitive topics or reveal anything that could hurt you if she ever decides she wants to.

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