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This week we’re looking at, one of the earliest sugarbaby websites going back to 2007.While sites like SeekingArrangement get a lot of the press, was one of the early sugar daddy websites which aimed to bridge the gap between sugar daddies and babies. The site has a large base of people interested in sugar relationships and has simple and easy options. The site may not seem very impressive at first glance but can be a reliable choice for people who want to try out a first ever sugar relationship.

What to expect on SugarDaddyToday?

SugarDaddyToday was created in 2007 and is said to have at least 100 people joining every single day. New users of the site can avail free trails, free usage of membership for 3 days which lets them use all services of the website.  New members have to sign up for an account and can then access accounts of other members. The accounts are easy to create and members can add up to 10 photos on to their profile. This website is simpler and more a ‘basic’ site compared with other sugar daddy websites available online.

Members can contact other members via email and find people who match their choice by using the website’s search option. However there are no chat rooms or forums available on the site itself. The website doesn’t have a mobile app either. While SugarDaddyToday is not the worst option out there it is not the best either and can be a turn off for sugar daddies who are impressed by technology and a site that reflects the latest in web design. As we pointed out in our SeekingArrangement review, design does matter, especially if you want to build trust in your audience.

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Screenshot of front page of SugarDaddyToday from April 2017.

How much should a sugar daddy pay?

Members of SugarDaddyToday are offered 3 free membership days when they can utilise all the functions of the website. To continue as a premium member, there is a fee of $7, which is reasonable. This is an inexpensive sugar daddy website and the low price can mean that many people join.

How many members?

The site has around more than 60,000 active members with more than a hundred new members joining on a daily basis. It has plenty of members to find the right one for you.

Read on to find out about the pros and cons of SugarDaddyToday:


  • Privacy – If you are looking for privacy then this site could be for you. There are profile options available that include filtering who sees your profile or blocking people for accessing your profile.
  • Local Search – This is an option that allows you to look for sugar relationships locally which makes it easier for you to meet the person.
  • Hot List – This is a list where you can save the members you are most interested in. This can be a great way to keep track of someone you can’t meet right away. And also can be an easy way to know if you are on someone’s ‘hot list’.
  • Easy to use – while some users may feel the site’s look is rather old it also makes it very easy to navigate. Even people who aren’t familiar with complicated technology can use the site easily.


  • Outdated site – The site’s outdated look can be a major con for many people. It looks like it was designed in the nineties and hasn’t been updated ever since.
  • Communication – The site does not have any web messaging system or chat room with which its members can easily contact each other. Users have to rely on the site’s email system.
  • Low membership price – While this is not exactly a con, it can mean that many people join the site. It can be difficult to find out whether a person is actually wealthy or just faking it since the low price means that even non-wealthy people can afford the membership.
  • Sugar Babies must pay too – This is a feature unique to this site as most sugar websites only charge the sugar daddies.

While the membership fee is low, having to pay might be a deterrent, for some sugar babies, to join this site and they may instead head to over to sites where they can register for free.

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