Is There Such a Thing as a Platonic Sugar Daddy?




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Do you want to be part of the sugar bowl but aren’t really looking or ready for physical intimacy? Are you wondering if such a thing as a platonic sugar daddy does exist? Guess what it actually does.

While platonic sugar daddies are not the most common type, you can find them if you try hard enough. A platonic sugar relationship may not the best choice if you are looking for a monthly allowance but it can work out if you are looking to visit great places and enjoy some luxurious gifts all without any sex involved. When using a site like Seeking Arrangement, don’t be afraid to put down something clear like “no sex”/”no intimacy” in your profile, it helps weed out people (lets face it, the majority) who are looking for a physical relationship. It’s also less ambiguous than terms like “arm candy”.

Some sugar babies refer to this type of a sugar relationship as ‘sugar freelancing’ since it is different from usual sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships. Some men may not really like the word ‘sugar baby’ and not want to cheat on their long term relationships, but they may be lonely and want a friend who is going to provide them a distraction from the life the deem boring.

Finding a Platonic Sugar Daddy

To find a platonic sugar daddy you need to present yourself simply as a flirtatious friend. This is the opposite of friends with benefits, where you are in a casual relationship without the emotion aspects of a real relationship. Here however, you have the emotional and some physical aspects but sex is totally off the table.

So where can you find such sugar relationships. One sugar baby tells us that English language schools are a great place to start. Search for schools in your area that offer English language classes for higher level employees and find a job there as a English language teacher and conversation specialist. Most of the foreigners who attend these courses are in the country alone without their partners and want to learn all about the country. Apart from finding a great platonic sugar daddy you can learn about his culture and insights from a different country. You must however really enjoy the job or he will know if you are not being genuine. Taking him shopping and to enjoy the local entertainment is a good way to build the relationship. He could even fly you to his country for a vacation if you try hard enough.

Another sugar baby tells us there are other places to find platonic sugar daddies. Search for single dads who seem ready to throw in the towel, working as a baby sitter for a single dad is a great way to get him to start a sugar relationship. Smile flirtatiously and offer to help him out with chores that you aren’t really needed to help with. Choose a small stuffed animal at the toyshop to see if he will buy it for you, if he doesn’t go ahead and buy it anyway. Staying genuine is the main key in any sugar relationship and if your man feels you aren’t being real, you might as well stop right there.

Another place to pick up the sugar daddy of your dreams is at a country club, see if you can get yourself a membership if you can’t try to find job there. Some country clubs offer babysitting services which can be a great way for you to meet the kids’ rich daddies. The golf course too can be your sugar play ground if you really want it to be.

While it is not easy to snag a platonic sugar daddy, your good looks, charm and intellect are really all it takes to get you one.

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