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When the coldest time of the year arrives, the jingle bells ring and the Christmas music plays, people who feel lonely are likely to feel twice as lonely. Winter time is the best time to begin Sugar free styling.Winter Sugar: A sugar freestyle relationship is an impromptu, unplanned sugar relationship you can be in when the winter time weather takes over. It is not difficult to find sugar daddies anymore, all you have to do is go online, but you could even stay offline and search for your winter sugar relationship. There are no crazy rules in the sugar bowl, which is why the holiday season is the right time for you to freestyle, meet sugar daddies and spend some good winter fun time with them.

Hit the holiday places

Depending on where you live finding a potential sugar daddy shouldn’t be difficult. If you live in sin city or the big apple then you can find a potential sugar daddy much easier than say a smaller town. But during the holidays every place is an opportunity. You can head over to holiday parties, the mall, shopping streets or Christmas fairs for a chance to meet potential sugar daddies.

Holiday spirit

Men are likely to be more generous during the holidays, which make it the right time to ‘freestyle’. If you already have a long term sugar daddy make sure you are on his ‘nice’ list before hitting up on potential sugar daddies at the mall. The last thing your want is your long time sugar daddy being mad at you over the holidays.


Finding out where the best sugar daddies are is the number one thing you should be doing. You may need to scout around a bit but heading over to luxury resorts, golfing courses, high end hotels or restaurants in your area should do the trick. Hang out at the bar of the places to attract the lonely sugar daddy who is taking a break.

Holiday shoppers

Even people who hate shopping will do some version of it over the holiday season. Use your holiday shopping time well by scouting out for potential sugar daddies while you are there. Once you have spotted someone you could make eye contact and use a small smile to see how he reacts.

Keep conversations simple

After you have spotted a potential sugar daddy and have decided to pursue him the next step is to be completely at ease. Be as subtle as you can and make the conversation seem like a completely random first conversation. Let him know you are interested without seeming to be a desperate person, subtlety is the key. Make eye contact and hold it. You could follow up by asking him if you have met him before since he looks familiar. Throwing in a complement also helps make him a lot more invested in the conversation. A simple line can ‘Oh I love your tie, I want to get my brother a similar one for Christmas’ can be a great complement as well as an indicator that you don’t have a significant other. Alternatively you could ask for his opinion on something you are buying or on something he has selected. If all goes well he should be asking you out, else you could ask if he would like to continue the conversation at a different venue like a café or for a drink.

Change of scene

If you have arrived at a different location like a café, restaurant or bar it means he is just as interested in this encounter as you are. Here you could chat him up and get to know all that you want to about him. You could ask about his hobbies, what he does for fun and about the types of holidays he prefers. This is also a good time to analyze whether he is sugar material or only Splenda. Leave him wanting more by cutting the date short before he does however do leave your number with him and wait.

Enjoy the freestyle game

After you have given him your number the ball is now in his court. Wait for him to call or text you and when he does don’t seem either too excited or too indifferent, exhibit the right amount of happiness at the call and make plans to meet. You could let him suggest a restaurant and take it from there or suggest an expensive restaurant yourself. That’s the basics of freestyle.

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