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In the world of sugar baby dating there are many types of sugar babies in the sugar bowl; a sugar daddy relationship could mean different things to each type. Whether you are looking for an intellectual companion or sometime to have some youthful fun with, the right person is out there. While there are many types of sugar babies, here are the top five types of sugar babies you are likely to meet.

College Baby

A college baby is probably the most popular type of sugar baby. A sugar daddy’s willingness to help her with school fees and other education related expenses could go a long way for her, a college baby is usually hard working and has good potential to become something with the right guidance and mentor. Like a good business investment, investing in a good college sugar baby can be very satisfying as the time and effort you invest could bring back returns that you both did not expect.

Business Baby

This type of sugar baby is a great companion for a smart business minded sugar daddy. These are babies who have moved on from college but keep themselves on top of the latest happenings in the world of business. Like you they too have a passion for business and economic events in the world, their zeal and business drive could actually be a great way to boost your own expertise, all while you teach and mentor her about the workings of the world. She may be an aspiring entrepreneur or a executive who has big plans for her future, having a connection with such a such a sugar baby can be more beneficial than you think. Take your time with her and mentor her in a way you would have liked someone to do for you.

Small Town Baby

If simplicity is your thing then this is the type you should be looking for. A small town baby is usually new to the city or still in a small town and is often quite simple. She has zeal and big dreams but remains sincere and genuine. She not only knows where she is coming from but is ready to etch out a path towards her success in the future. Small town babies appreciate opportunities and can be surprisingly insightful on some topics given their small town upbringing. She will be a delight to sit down with when you are tired after a long day of endless meetings and difficult decisions. Even a small present would mean a great deal to her and she would value your time and decisions. If you are new to the sugar bowl, then this is the type of sugar baby you should probably start out with as she would be just as happy as you with taking things slow.

The mom baby

The mom baby is usually a single mother. She is probably in the sugar bowl looking got a way to pay off the never ending bills and buy the things her kid constantly seems to need. However she can be a great companion for someone who is seeking out emotional support while dealing with difficult decisions. She appreciates her sugar daddy very much and can go out of her way to do things for him. As she is more experienced than some of the other types of babies, she can be a great delight for any sugar daddy. You can even get some toddler fun time if you are interested making life seem a lot more fun and youthful than it is.

The baby with loads of experience

This type of sugar baby has a huge amount of drive and knows all about the sugar bowl. She has great ambition and the drive to get her there. She could boast of dating millionaires, celebrities, and sportsmen, yet she probably won’t. This sugar baby is also great with discretion and is the perfect type for those looking for a sugar baby relationship that won’t be all over instagram.


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