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In our land of sugar, the lollies are sometimes not really meant to be seen with the dollys. Now that you are ready for some sugar fun, here are some tips to help you be discreet in your sugar relationship.

Tip 1 – When Being Discreet, Be on the Same Page About What That Means.

Discuss with your sugar baby what your definition of discreet really is. Both of you must understand what is acceptable. The best way to avoid making faux pas is to know what to expect if you meet your sugar baby in a social setting unexpectedly. While many sugar partners may not be married or have a significant other, they want to hide the relationship. They don’t really want the world to know about it either. Pro-tip: when messaging, know the difference between “discreet” (hidden) and “discrete” (separate parts). A good way to remember that one is: think “discrete” as in “Crete” – the island off the coast of Greece. If someone tells you they want to see you “discrete,” hopefully you’re not dealing with an axe murder!

Tip 2 – Keep Your Communication with Your Sugar Private.

If you are married or in another relationship, then keeping your communication with your sugar baby (our pup) private is essential. Using apps like Snapchat to have conversations is a good bet as your messages won’t be available for long. Snapchat allows you to sent text, videos and photos that delete after being viewed, plus the filters let you hide your identity if you so wish. If sending each other photos is your thing, then download Photosafe, an app that can help your precious pictures private. Electronic privacy is very important, and you can download other apps to ensure your photos stay safe.

Tip 3 – Don’t Use Your Company Email.

Don’t use your company email to let your sugar baby know those Louboutins are on the way; really, don’t, you may own the company, but your IT guy or your assistant could easily catch up. Now, if your assistant is in on your sugar secret, still stick to Snapchat and forbid her from meeting your wife ever.

Tip 4 – Picking the Place Is Very Important.

While you need to avoid choosing cafes or restaurants your wife or colleagues frequent, you should not go overboard with the secrecy. Choose a smaller place outside the city so you can truly be sure. The best way to completely relax is to plan a weekend out of town, and don’t forget to choose a room with a private pool; relatives have the uncanny way of showing up at hotel pools when you least expect them. If possible, know the place before you go there – if it’s a restaurant, are there places a bit less in the open (you don’t want to be sitting near the washrooms for several reasons), is there a second exit (and not the kitchen, though that’s good in real emergencies)? If you’re driving, keep your car in mind, too; that Audi R8 is going to stand out in many places – and it’s got your licence plate on it.

Tip 5- Have Just One Story for Everyone.

If you are out with your sugar baby, then be prepared to run into someone you know. According to statistics, people are 72 per cent more likely to run into someone when they don’t want to. Okay, that statistic is not real, but you need to have a perfect back up story in a place that will work with everyone, including your IT guy and your wife’s grandmother. You needn’t come up with a Dan Brown version of the story; a quick explanation will do. Whether she is interviewing with you for a babysitting position or she is a dog walker, remember you have to sound convincing. Having one story is also easier to remember, good if someone asks you out of the blue a few months later, “How’s the dog walker working out?” Also, good stories are partly based on truth; just leave out the parts that need to be left out.

Tip 6 – Paper is not your Friend.

Well, there’s one kind of paper that is – currency (and if you’re from Canada, you know the jokes about our plastic money), use it when you can, and it can help prevent the other type of paper – namely a paper trail. For things like gifts, restaurants, use cash when you can – if you’re a 40-year-old guy who seems to be buying from Forever 21 regularly, you should have a good story if that shows up on the credit card bill. The same goes for restaurants outside your usual areas. Some hotels will prefer you use a credit card, but most will be fine with holding the card for a deposit but letting you pay in cash. Just let them know in advance you’d like to pay for the room in cash.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget your Profile Photo

Seeking Arrangement has some features to help keep your privacy, from allowing you to keep more reviling photos in a private area that you grant potential sugar babies access to, as well as photo rules that let you keep your identity secret.  Read our guide to profile photos for sugar daddies for more tips on protecting your privacy while having some sugar fun.

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