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Finding a sugar baby is a process that is just as exciting as you would think. But are you saying the right things when you first message them? Are your messages giving the sugar baby a first great impression about you? It is time to find out.

Here are 7 messaging tips for sugar daddies to ensure they make a good first impression.

Be genuine

This is our top tip. All sugar babies felt that the more genuine the man the more likely they would want to be with him. Start out by asking the right questions, talk about yourself too, but your messages should have a fine balance between the daddy’s and baby’s thoughts. The conversation should not be too one sided. When messaging her you shouldn’t forget that there is a beautiful person on the other end of the phone, be as real as you can be. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable saying to her face. Ask for details and follow up with questions when she seems willing to talk.

Do not swear or insult

No sugar baby wants to read aggressive language on her phone when she sees a first message from you. Send a simple sweet and interesting message. Keep the insults and swearing to yourself, you aren’t going to impress her no matter what her personality is. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!

Focus on her

Don’t give the impression that you are too important to remember things about her. Don’t forget her name or something she told you previously. If you are in doubt about whether she already told you something, don’t immediately ask her, scroll to see if you have discussed the topic previously. Not only will she feel you are focused on the conversation and thus her, she will also feel you are giving her a lot of attention.

Ditch the typos

Sending a message that has grammatical and sentence errors to your sugar baby is a big no-no! Read your outgoing message from her perspective once before you press send. Autocorrect can be a pain! Be sure your message is not something totally different from what you typed. You can type your message in word if you don’t want to bother correct the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Don’t mix up conversation

No sugarbaby wants to hang out with a daddy who can’t be bothered to remember the things she told you. Even if she may excuse your forgetfulness once, she is sure to remember. The best way to keep it easy is to be as honest as you can. If you can’t remember if it was Jessica or Ashley who loved kayaking, then don’t pretend like you do.

Reply to messages promptly

The sugar babies understand that you are a busy man and have to work hard to make your money. But if you aren’t replying to their messages promptly they may not really have the enthusiasm to continue messaging. Message a sugar baby only when you know you have some spare time to spend replying. While it is not necessary to reply immediately try and reply within the same day or her interest is going to dwindle as she is bound to think you are not interested either.

Don’t lie

Our first and last suggestions are quite similar actually, but while being genuine and staying in your true personality is important it is just as important to not tell lies. While the little odd white lie here and there to make her feel better is not what we are talking about, it is essential that you don’t tell any big lies right when starting out only to regret it later. Don’t claim to have season tickets for a game if you don’t, don’t say you are planning to buy a certain car soon if you aren’t. Just avoid the lies and enjoy the sweetness of the sugar.

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