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Whether you are new to the world of sugar or have been in the sugar lifestyle for some time, one of the most important things is to have a great sugar dating profile online. Today we have the seven best ways you can have a profile that attracts potential sugar relationships.

A great profile picture

Regardless of what sugar dating platform you’re on, be it SugarDaddyMeet, SeekingArragement or SugarBook, a picture can speak a thousand words. A good profile picture can make your potential sugar want to know more about you, be ready to spend time and resources on you and take your profile seriously. Don’t put up photos of poor quality, are unclear, or don’t really work to your advantage. Avoid wearing sunglasses. While a professional photographer works best, if you don’t really have one or can’t afford to get one shot, then a good picture of you taken by a friend should work well.

A new option is to use a site like TryItOn that uses AI image software for the best version of you – think of it as Instagram on steroids.

List your interests – but keep it simple and interesting.

Your interests are likely to appeal to your potential sugar daddy if they share a similar taste. Listing activities such as shopping or make-up may not be the best way to get a potential sugar partner to know you are an interesting person. Write down interests that are likely to be fun for both you and your sugar partner or that can be something you can do together.

Be honest about what you are looking for

Being honest on your profile about what you expect from the relationship and whether you are looking for a long-term commitment or a casual fling, or more platonic sugar dating, can help weed out people who may not be on the same page with you. If you have any specific type of potential sugar partner you are looking for, mentioning that in your profile can be advantageous.

A few years ago, SeekingArrangement added “tags” to descriptions and searches. These tags include things like “discreet”, “BBW”, “platonic”, and many others. Members can search for people by these, as well as filter out people. You can add them to your profile under the Descriptions section. Say you are interested in a discreet, platonic arrangement. You could add those to your profile.

Clear profile description

Describe yourself in a paragraph without seeming like a self-centred person. Be positive and send out a message with your words that you are a fun person to be around. Make your description as personal as possible to appeal to the reader.

Be flirty

Being a bit flirty in your initial messages can go a long way in making a potential partner want to get to know you better. Don’t be too rigid or demanding but be flexible and accommodating without compromising on your standards.

Spelling and grammar checking

Check for the profile for spelling and grammatical errors before you post it online. Even a small typo can become a turn off for a potential sugar partner. Don’t hurry and put your profile on the website before you are satisfied with it.


Like every dating scenario, confidence is critical in online sugar dating. Be confident and let it show on your profile. If your profile shines with confidence and your personal interests, characteristics and unique personality, then you are more likely to find someone you are going to enjoy spending your time with.

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