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Spending time with a sugar daddy can be a lot of fun, finding a potential sugar daddy is also a fun activity for many sugar babies but sometimes sugar relationships can go into unchartered territory and bring into it a world unexpected. Here’s some tips for avoiding an abusive sugar daddy. Dealing with abuse is not easy and it can even be harder in a mutually beneficial relationship where you are receiving something in return for your time. But it is very important to remember that while you are being compensated for your time, your sugar daddy is not entitled to you or to your body, and that he does not gain any rights to abuse you.

Preventing abuse can be a lot easier than dealing with it while it is happening; here are some tips to help spot a potentially abusive sugar daddy. If you spot any of these in your potential sugar daddy then stay far away from him.

Being overly possessive

If a sugar daddy is being overly clingy and can’t seem to stand you talking to others or even hanging out with friends and feels you are his possession, then it is time to know that he could be abusive. There are various other signs of an overly possessive sugar daddy like having to text him constantly, updating him about every single activity in your life or being impatient and bossy when you don’t reply to his messages fast enough.

Being alone or enjoying isolation from society

If the possessiveness grows to a place where he wants to isolate you and himself or one of you from society, then it is time to know that he is being abusive. While he can certainly have an opinion on the people you spend time with, expecting you to only be around people he approves or demanding that you rely on him for your decisions is not normal behavior.

Depending on the sugar daddy for everything

If he wants to be only lifeline and create a place where you are totally dependent on him, then he is most likely abusive. Be careful if your sugar daddy wants you to quit your job to spend more time with him, he may offer a lot more money or perks, but the remote control for your life could be in his hands.

Having terribly high or low self worth

While it is not easy to remember everything someone told you, it is unlikely you will forget how they make you feel. If a sugar daddy makes you feel terrible about yourself then he is likely abusive. If he seems to have an inflated sense of self worth and an ego that touches the roof, then it is time you make some decisions. Similarly, having very low self worth can also deal to potentially difficult situations for the both of you.

Being abusive

Remember that abuse is not only physical; An abusive sugar daddy could act out also verbally, emotional and a combination of these with physical action or threats. Maybe they aren’t violent against you but hit your things? You should be on Red alert right there. They make you feel like you aren’t worth anything and hit your self esteem with a hammer? They are using an abusive personality tactic.

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