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Self-defence for women is now more relevant than it has ever been. Self-defence refers to preparedness for emergencies and ensuring that people can protect themselves during circumstances threatening their physical being. 

Watching the news could get even the most confident and brave women to feel a bit shaky about their personal safety. Knowing self-defence techniques and carrying a weapon can be a great idea.

Here are some popular and effective self-defence products for women that will help the people carrying these feel safer when they are out and about, whether it is night or day. These devices will not only give you peace of mind but could also save your life one day.

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Honeycomb Hairbrush concealed stiletto dagger by Cold Steel

While this device looks like a simple hairbrush, it is actually a dagger that is 8 inches thick. Made from durable fibreglass, this dagger can look deceptive and can be used to surprise opponents. It is a proper weapon and can be used only for close-range opponents.

Stun gun with flashlight

A stun gun is a great option as a self-defence product for women. It can ensure that your attacker becomes ‘stunned’ or immobile after receiving the voltage that the stun gun renders. It is a great device to have on hand when walking in lonely areas at nighttime or in neighbourhoods known for crime.  This stun gun comes with a flashlight making it easy to have on hand at nighttime apart from being easy to use.

Lipstick stungun

A Lipstick stun-gun is tiny but can perform its duty very well. It looks like lipstick but renders around 3 million volts along with a flashlight that can blind the attacker. This is an inconspicuous defence device and can be stored in the smallest of purses.

Sabre Red Police Strength Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another effective self-defence device for women since it can incapacitate the attacker. Knowing how to use pepper spray properly is essential. This spray can work up to a 10 feet range which is enough to keep attackers at bay. Pepper sprays are not legal everywhere, so it is essential to know if it is allowed where you live.

Lipstick pepper spray

Apart from the Lipstick stun gun, there is also a lipstick pepper spray that effectively fends off attackers. Since it is small and inconspicuous, it can be stored in the outer pockets of your purse, making it easy to find in case of an attack or to have on hand when you walk a lonely lane.

Kuba-Kickz plastic knuckles for your shoes

These plastic knuckles for your shoes are essentially pointy knuckles that can inflict damage on an attacker when you kick them. However, these knuckles only fit shoes with laces and a tongue which means you can’t use them when wearing high heels or even simple shoes.

Smith and Wesson tactical pen

A Tactical pen can be used as a regular pen while its powerful tip can deliver a blow that can come as a huge shock to any attacker.

Slap Hat

The slap hat is a powerful hat that looks like an ordinary baseball cap, but its material makes it a blunt weapon. The slap that can catch even the most vigilant attacker unaware.

Self defense knife Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson Opener

This knife can inflict extreme damage and is not for casual users. However, it is one of the most effective weapons around and can be used when in close range of an attacker. The knife rips flesh, making sure the attacker suffers a serious injury.

WarTech Super Bitch tactical spring assisted rescue knife

This is a knife specially designed for safety and rescue. It can help you stay safe from an attacker and help in other situations, such as cutting seat belts or breaking glass in a car accident.

Personal safety alarm

This is a self-defence device that does not inflict harm on your opponent but can help you make a safe getaway since it sounds like a loud alarm. The device is useful to all women and is a good way to send your attacker running away. This is a must-have for all women.

The Cat personal safety keychain

The cat key chain is a good way to fend off an attacker. Though it is an inconspicuous looking cute keychain, it is essentially a pair of brass knuckles. It is a good purchase for women who want to have something in their hand when they walk an unsafe lane since it can help them be more vigilant and calm.

Kubotan key chain stick

The ninja spike key chain is a self-defence key chain that can deliver a powerful blow. However, it requires some training since it needs a precisely calculated strike to be effective. However, it is a great device, and if you can take the time to learn how to use it properly can be the best self-defence option.

Monkey Fist self defense keychain ball

This looks like a homemade keychain but is actually a powerful weapon that can surprise your attacker. It is essential to be careful while using this since you can accidentally injure yourself if you aren’t careful.

Go Guarded self defense ring

This is a great self-defence device for women. Slip it on your finger before you head out at night and feel a lot safer. The ring becomes a pointed weapon when you make a fist and make your punch a lot more power-packed.

Remember that no matter which defence device you buy, knowing how to use it properly is very important.

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